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Silent Ground Part 2 is live!

Silent Ground Part 2 is live everyone!

It's all done! It's finally done and my newest baby is out of my hands and into the hands and heads of my readers. I hope everyone enjoys the conclusion of this fucked up, twisted book; I sure did love writing it (well, most of th time. Sometimes I just want to rip my hair out lol). Now it's full steam ahead on Fallocaust book 4, which I'm working on every day, and of course, Fallocaust Short stories.

What are you doing still here? Go and read!


The blurb:

At one point in time, Sasha thought that just being told he wasn’t crazy would be good enough for him. After years of thinking he was losing his mind, being understood and accepted seemed like a pipe dream. But now, Sasha’s living with two men with abilities like him, Kheva and Kel Swift, two men who know what he’s going through. However, this lakeside house is no vacation. Sasha is being abused and tortured in the worst way, and the only reason he’s been given as to why, is that it’s supposedly growing his powers.

Powers that are now responsible for killing someone like them, another nightcrawler.

This is madness, all of this is madness. Revenge is sweet, but murder? Sasha is beginning to realize he’s been brought into something that far outreaches the insanity he had signed up for.

And Rob. What about Rob? While Sasha is being trained by Kheva, Rob is the voice in the back of his head urging Sasha to free him. But there’s something about Rob that Sasha is uncomfortable with, and he starts suspecting that there might be more to this story than he’s been told.

And back home, Lex and Jobe have teamed up with Ian Lariat, a private investigator, and Ian’s younger brother Nate. Nate once had close ties to Kel, and is just as determined as Jobe and Lex to bring their loved ones home where they belong. But determination can only go so far, and they will soon learn that nothing good comes from messing with Kheva, or who Kheva has deemed his property.

Silent Ground Part 1 physical copy out.

Hey guys!

Silent Ground Part 1 is now available in paperback! I'm really in love with how it turned out, and as always, mad credit goes to my friend Christina for doing the cover jacket! She always makes these back covers look amazing. I'm lucky as hell to have her. I'm not sure if Silent Ground Part 1's physical book is linked to Amazon yet, if, not it will be tomorrow at the latest most likely. It is currently on createspace though.

Like announced yesterday, part 2 is right around the corner too, only 8 more days. That will conclude Silent Ground and the next book you'll see from me will either be Fallocaust Short Stories or Fallocaust book 4 'A God Among Insects'. A God Among Insects is going great. We're at 230,000 words currently. As usual, I have no idea how big this book is going to be, but considering I still feel like I just started it, we're definitely looking at The Suicide King size (which ended up being over 560,000 words). Maybe we'll reach 600k? Or maybe Rosa will get her wish and we'll finally be in three volume territory lol. I'm really loving writing AGAI, a lot of scenes that I have been seeing perfectly in my head are now down on paper and I couldn't be happier with them, and one character particularly that I've been dying to write, is turning out just as fucked up and hilariously crazy as I was hoping he would. I know you guys will love this book, and as always, I am writing as fast as I can lol.

But until book 4 comes out, you have Silent Ground to keep you occupied!


Silent Ground Part 2 is coming!

Silent Ground Part 2 coming next week! Friday July 21st.

The conclusion is coming! No pre-order this time, since it's only a week away, it'll be available on Amazon next Friday, whenever Amazon decides to approve the manuscript lol usually takes like 12 hours from me submitting it, but because of that I can't narrow down time.

So, here it is, the grisly, fucked up conclusion to Silent Ground. I hope everyone is enjoying the book so far, I loved writing it and loved finally giving Sasha, Kheva, and Kel a voice. I've never been good at ending a book, I'm much more comfortable with series since I don't need to let go then (at least not for a long while). So, probably in the future there may be a prequel of some kind, since I'm much too attached to some of these characters lol. Typical Quil just can't fucking let go, which is probably why I made so many of Fallocaust's characters immortal.

Also, look for an announcement tomorrow for the physical edition of Silent Ground, it's coming too!


Silent Ground Part 1 is Live!

Silent Ground Part 1 is LIVE!


It's out, it's released, it's out of my clingy, control freak hands and now into yours. These characters I created when I was nothing but a screwed up teenager newly living on his own with only dial-up internet and a crappy old desktop to keep him company, has been gussied up and polished, and is finally ready to see the world.


Before Fallocaust, I'd 'written' or at least partially written, three books, The Gods' Games, Silent Ground, and a book called DN Die starring twins named Sky and Perish (after realizing I'd most likely never finish that book, I decided to transfer them to Fallocaust. I wanted those guys to be seen still). Each one of those books explored a different side of me, and it has been an interesting and fascinating road re-writing TGG and SG to make them good, solid books. This is it though, unless I go insane and decide to rewrite DN Die (Oh god, dont let me do that... it is pretty damn interesting though) this is it for my 'pre-Fallocaust' books. Which is good in a way, since I have way too many great ideas for future books!


I hope that everyone enjoys Silent Ground as much as I loved writing it. It was a trip being able to go back into my head and dig up all the ideas I had for this book. If there's one piece of advice I could give for this book, it is to read it carefully.You might pick up on some rather interesting things if you watch out for them.


So there it is, Silent Ground Part 1 is out. Like I've previously said, part 2 is weeks away, not months. It's pretty much all done, and the cover is done too. I'm now working on book 4 of Fallocaust, and hope you all will join me there soon.


Happy Reading!


Purchase here! Also available for free if you have KU. KU is my friend since I make such large books, so feel more than welcome to read it on there. I do end up making more money lol (which means I can stay home and write more books!)

Silent Ground Part 1 is coming June 30th

It's time, everyone!

Time to get ready for a new Quil book, Silent Ground Part 1 is finally here and available for pre-order! And you're not going to have to wait long for it either. Even better? You're also not going to have to wait that long for part 2. The first installment is going to be available June 30th 2017 (ignore the release date it says currently, I was tired and selected the wrong damn month)

The very first fucked up book I ever made. Like The Gods' Games, this one is rooted to my teenage years. I always called it 'Fallocaust's grandfather' because without Silent Ground, I would've never had the balls to write Fallocaust how I wanted to write it.
Like The Gods' Games, it's been completely re-written to match my writing skills now (one that is actually legible), and is ready to be read, devoured, and hopefully ready to give everyone reading it nightmares. It's currently listed under gay/thriller since Amazon gives you two options for genres, but I'll be contacting Amazon (again) to try and add psychological to the thriller genre option. It's no fair I have to have one of my genres be 'gay' by default, dammit! But that's a rant for another time.

So, here it is, Silent Ground Part 1.

The blurb.

Sasha’s crazy. He knows he’s crazy, his uncle and best friend both know he’s crazy, and for a long time, they’d accepted it and loved him anyway.
But now, now things are changing. Sasha’s migranes are getting worse, there’s a voice inside of his head that keeps demeaning him, and for some screwed up reason, the only thing that cures these migranes, is Sasha’s own damn blood––which he has to resort to masochism to extract.

This is not okay; this is quickly becoming not okay and Sasha doesn’t know what the hell he’s supposed to do. What’s happening to him? And how much longer can Sasha’s uncle and best friend deal with it before they just give up on their mentally-disturbed loved one for good?

And that’s not even the worst of it. Oh no, not in the least. There are people after Sasha, two men wearing black cloaks. They attacked him on a dark road, and now these two are telling Sasha that he’s a nightcrawler like them… and it’s time to come home.

The leader calls himself Kheva, but to Sasha, he’s Master.
The second is called Kel, but to Sasha, he’s brother.
And who is Sasha? He’s a nightcrawler like them… but until he earns his place… he’s merely their unwilling slave.



Silent Ground Part 1 Done Medium.jpg

Fallocaust book 4 'A God Among Insects' Excerpt

It's time! To celebrate me reaching 100k on A God Among Insects (105k now) I'm releasing a portion of the first chapter rough draft of book 4. Obviously don't go near this if you haven't caught up with all of the books since you'll find spoilers galor (hey, that rhymes).

Hope everyone enjoys this first chapter. I know I need to go back to Silent Ground but I'm pretty much Drake with candy right now. I'm clinging to it and crying whenever I try to pull myself away. Silent Ground will be coming soon though, I just, ya know, kinda am loving this book.

Enjoy and happy reading, you'll find the excerpt in the main cluster of links 'Book 4 Excerpt' or just click this link. Or if you want to read it in a more prettier setting, here is a dropbox link.


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Garden of Spiders Volume 2 is out and live!

Garden of Spiders Volume 2 is out and live! Which means the next Fallocaust book I will be writing will be book 4. I hope everyone is warm wherever they are, and of course, reading. Happy Holidays, guys! I can now fully say goodbye to the cold, yet kinda hot, clutches of Elish and continue working on my newest project Silent Ground.

Happy reading!! The physical book of Garden of Spiders Volume 2 should be out soon too.


Garden of Spiders Volume 2 is coming!

The time is nigh! Garden of Spiders Volume 2 will be released December 20th. Pre-orders also available now.

After many many months, and many more months editing and rewriting, it's finally fucking finished. A Word document that has been on my laptop for so long is now closed, and it's onward to the next project!


The Dekker family is enjoying the longest stretch of calm they’ve had in years. But at what cost? Elish is a veritable slave with no will of his own, and although his siblings and his sengil wish for the old Elish to return, the man in question is adamant that he’s happier this way. Even though Silas treats him like a dog, mental slavery is better than depression and eventual suicide, right?

However, it seems that Elish may soon not have a choice. Forces outside of the family are hard at work, and someone from Elish’s distant past is determined to turn him into the man he once was.

No matter the consequences.


Garden of Spiders is now live!

It's out! Well, most of you know that already, but it's fucking out! After months and months, finally volume 1 gets pried from my clingy grasp and put into your awaiting hands. This book took a hell of a lot longer than I'd planned, mostly because it ended up being a hell of a lot bigger than I'd planned! My very first two volume companion book, and like I've said previously, I'm still going to have to do Garden of Spiders 2 to properly finish the last big chunk of Elish's life. 

But volume 1 is finally here, and I hope you all enjoy reading Elish's story just as much as I enjoyed writing it. Elish's mind is anything but simple, and the man we all know and love, wasn't born making people tremble at the mere presence of him. Elish started out as a boy who loved his master dearly, and it is through the events of this book that you see just what happened to that sweet child to make him the cold chimera he is today. Prepare to cry, laugh, hate me, and love me, and probably all four at once during some scenes. But most of all, prepare to be welcomed back to the Fallocaust.

It's good to be home!


Garden of Spiders Volume 1 is coming!

Garden of Spiders Volume 1 is coming October 31st 2016

When you look at a man’s past, who he is makes sense. Things previously shrouded become clear, and the airs of mystery that once clung so tightly to him, begin to fade away until all that is left is the being he hid like a dark secret.

Elish’s beginnings did not start out with a bang, but inside of a peaceful home far from the savage realities of the greywastes. But like all things in the Fallocaust, the peace didn’t last. One can be sheltered from the monsters of the dead world, but you can never escape the demon who hides under the mask of a smiling king.

Because in the end, reality is a beast that cares not for the perfect images it shatters, or the world it devours piece by piece. But reality can also strengthen, it can light you on fire, burn you to cinders, and then watch proudly as the phoenix rises from the ashes, stronger than it ever was before.

However, underneath each feather there is a scar, and though blood pumps hot through his veins, it is from a heart cold and closed off.

But it didn’t start out that way, quite the opposite. 
And this is his story.

Pre-orders available here! https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01LZ90PZC

Garden of Spiders is FINISHED!

IT'S FINISHED! I'm happy to announce Garden of Spiders is finished. Now onto the part that makes me pull out my hair in chunks... the editing!

This book was definitely something else. It ended up being a lot larger than I thought it would be and will be the first two volume companion book. I suppose knowing Elish this is no surprise that he would demand a bigger book, and it's also no surprise that I will have to do a Garden of Spiders 2 like I had said previously. GoS2 will deal with the later half of Elish's life, something I unfortunately wasn't able to get to in book 1, but that's in the way off future.

So it's coming! How it usually works is once I'm done my editing and my beta readers are well into it, I'll be making the release date announcement with the preorder up and the cover reveal. I have a cover I might like, but I also might make a few other ones until I come across one I really like.

So sit tight, guys, Elish is coming. I'll be working even harder now for the next month getting this book up to snuff and making it everything I always dreamed it will be. Editing is so much more stressfull than writing; I'm putting bets on at least two mental breakdowns before volume 2's release.

Now I get to celebrate with cheesecake, as is tradition.

Garden of Spiders is coming!

Man, Garden of Spiders is 437,000 words currently. The only book bigger than this one is The Suicide King. If this isn't a testiment to Elish's demanding personality, I don't know what is lol. But I have good news, there was a puzzle I have been trying to figure out, a puzzle that if I didn't figure it out, it would've probably taken me another month to finish this book. But i did it! I managed to come up with an idea that I think will work, and thus I'll be able to avoid a story ark I didn't really want to write anyway. So with that in mind, I think this book will be finished within the next two weeks, maybe less. After that, it'll be a couple weeks editing, and I'll be able to pass it along to whatever beta readers I can round up. I also already have the covers planned out (which is quite a relief, it's usully not the case). So I think within the month, maybe a month and a bit... we'll have the announcement and release date for Garden of Spiders Volume 1.

I'm really excited about this book. Elish is such a dynamic character, so complex and complicated. Volume 1 will be about Elish as a child and as a teenager, figuring out how to survive having King Silas as a master, and also dealing with his own internal issues (which have stemmed from... well... having King Silas as a master lol). You'll get to see the cold chimera in a way you've never seen him before, and will be able to walk beside Elish on the long journey of him becoming the man we all know and love today. By the end of this book, it'll be clear why he is the way he is, and his feelings about Silas will make even more sense.

That being said though, there will be a Garden of Spiders 2. I'm not going to be able to cover everything I wanted to cover in Garden of Spiders v1 and v2. I had dreams of being able to have the end of Garden of Spiders have Jade in it, and a bit of Elish's side during the events of Breaking Jade, but unfortunately this book is already massive and he's still nowhere near done telling his story. I'm not sure when GoS2 will start, whether it'll be a future companion book or what (I also have plans for a Severing Sanguine 2 since like GoS I didn't get everything I wanted done with Sangy's story either). So once again, I have the opposite of writer's block, I've said this before and I'll say it again... I really gotta clone myself.

So sit tight, guys, it's coming!! I'm near the end, it's in sight, and soon Elish will release me from his cold clutches so I can finish that other stand-alone book I had previously been working on (before Elish ordered me to start his book). The stand-alone book (formerly called A God Among Insects but not anymore, I'll get into that later) will follow GoS sooner rather than later, there won't be another 7 month wait for the next book release, that book already has a lot of it written, so it won't be too too long.

I also wanted to put up a link for a Fallocaust Tumblr page that several of my awesome readers created. Check it out, it's really well done and I quite love it.

That's it! Hope everyone is enjoying their summer. I melt in the heat, I miss my winter and my darkness!

Garden of Spiders excerpt

Hello Everyone!

As promised on my facebook, here is the first two chapters of Garden of Spiders the book I'm currently working on and Book 3's companion book. You can find it right on the main navigation area of my website under 'Garden of Spiders Excerpt' it'll be up until the book's release.

I'm really enjoying writing this book. Elish is such a complex character and he has so many things going on in his head. It's been challenging to live inside of his mind, and seeing the intricate and complicated relationship he has, and has had, with Silas since the beginning. Elish is a complicated duck to say the least, but just like all of my characters, he has a reason for being who he is. I'm looking forward to sharing this book with the world, and offering some insight on one of Fallocaust's most dynamic and powerful characters.


Happy reading!

The Suicide King Volume 2 is live!

As most of you know but I still need to make the fancy announcement anyway, Volume 2 is out! The conclusion to The Suicide King, Book 3 of The Fallocaust Series is live and available for your sadistic reading pleasure.

Enjoy everyone! It's many months until Garden of Spiders and even more until I start Book 4. So eat slowly! And also, we're already #1 in the lgbt science fiction and our overall ranking keeps climbing! So thank you once again, all my awesome readers, for making this possible.



The Suicide King Volume 2 is coming!

Here we go again!

The Suicide King Volume 2 will be released January 11th 2016. I'm not going to post the little blurb here since I know some of you haven't finished Volume 1 yet, but it's coming!

The Amazon page is still being created but it appears to work, not sure if the pre-orders are working yet but they might be, and if not, they will be soon. The Suicide King Volume 2 is almost as big as Volume 1, for a grand total of 557,000 words! This is my 6th book release in under two years (though Breaking Jade was completed before Fallocaust Book 1's release and The Gods' Games was partially done) and a grand total of 1,971,000 words (ish). Yes, I am indeed insane, and yes, my head hurts. 2016 will have A God Among Insects released, Book 3's companion book, and hopefully a TGG book, either Book 2 or a prequel I've been wanting to write for the past 12 years. After that (or before TGG's book, I don't know quite yet) will be Book 4! And I can go through this madness all over again.

I hope everyone had an awesome Christmas, I definitely did, and that everyone has great plans for New Years.

Amazon Link: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B019YQBPFE

The Suicide King is out!

Happy Release Day, Everyone!

Over 7 months ago, on May 5th, I started writing The Suicide King, and now the day has come where it gets pried from my clingy talons and given to my readers. This book has turned out to be my biggest project to date, with the final page count being 557,113 towering over Book 2's 405,000. Going into it, I never expected it to grow to this size, but well, as the series goes on and more characters are added, their storylines get added too and as does the book size. I hope Book 4 won't be this huge, because my god this book almost killed me! But I also said that about Book 2 and look what happened lol.

For 7 months now The Suicide King has been a companion on my laptop, the Word document always open and always there, waiting to be written and waiting to be read, and it does sting a little bit when the day comes that the book is complete, and it gets added to all my other completed books in my main folder. It's a good hurt though, because it means I fulfilled my goal, and I have another awesome book I can give to my devoted readers. It's also always great to start a new project, and now A God Among Insects, my next book (a stand-alone book I have mentioned before), has taken that place on my laptop, and is calling for me to keep writing it as I type this.

It's hard saying goodbye to my boys, and every time I finish a Fallocaust book there is a mourning period. It will be months before I go back to the greywastes and Skyfall, and even then it'll be through the eyes of Elish and not Reaver and Killian, but in order to move on and get one step closer to writing Book 4, it has to be done, but I still feel like those boys take a piece of me with every book I complete. Fallocaust is my life, it has my heart, and I love those characters and that world more than anything. When the day comes that the series is completed, I'll probably need to be committed.

So, here it is, Volume 1 of The Suicide King, Book 3 of The Fallocaust Series. In a few day’s time, I will be releasing the cover for volume 2 and the release date as well, and you'll get to read the chaotic but awesome conclusion to Book 3. After this, for the series anyways, will be Elish's companion book which will be called Garden of Spiders, and for non-series books, I will be releasing next A God Among Insects, a thriller/suspense/horror book I started in my late teens and have been meaning to complete for some time now. Once those two books are completed I'm hoping to start working on either Book 2 of The Gods' Games, or a prequel about Anagin's life during the Black War and after, no name for that one yet. And then onto Book 4! Yes, it's a lot of work, and I'll be grey as a mule once I'm done all of it, but writing is my life, and though I know I take on way too much work, I wouldn't have it any other way.

Enjoy The Suicide King Volume 1, Volume 2 is right around the corner, and sorry in advance for the tears, but though there may be tears, I also promise laughter, suspense, HOLY CRAP moments, and a whole lot of aww. Thank you for continuing this journey with me, for making my dreams of being a writer come true, and for being the best readers a guy could ask for.

I'd also like to take this moment to make a small request. If you do have the Kindle Unlimited program, if you could, please borrow my books free through them. They recently switched to a pay-per-pages-read program instead of per borrow, and as you can guess, since my books are huge, there are a lot of pages. Because of the KU program, since my old job has decided to take a nosedive, I've been able to pay my bills and continue working from home, something I wouldn't have been able to do without the program. I know a lot of people like having their own personal copies of my books, but if you do have the KU program, and if it isn't too much trouble, please also borrow them on there, so I don't have to go working at McDonalds or someplace equally horrible lol. My days are devoted to writing and I'd love to keep it that way.

Thanks again, my awesome readers. Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and as Big Shot would say... Kah!

Sincerely, Quil

Third Update at 6:22 PM: We're number one! And out of the millions of books on Amazon, The Suicide King Volume 1 ranks at 4,169, and that doesn't even include the pre-orders. Thanks you guys for making this possible.

The Suicide King Physical books.

Hey, everyone!

I'm excited to announce that I was able to reach my goal of having the physical book of The Suicide King Volume 1 available for purchase! I was really hoping to have it finished for release day, and it's here in all its glory.

It's available on amazon and also on createspace. Createspace is the company that makes the books so buying the books directly from them cuts out the amazon middleman and gives me a bit extra of that royalties pie, but I know it's probably cheaper shipping-wise for Amazon. I'll supply the link anyway though, to help put cat food on the table:  https://www.createspace.com/5910551.

I'll also be working on getting Book 2 ready for a physical book release. I wanted to read through it before I put it into physical form like I did with Fallocaust and Breaking Jade, and The Suicide King has just been taking up all of my time, so I haven't had the time to do it. But while I'm writing my newest book A God Among Insects, I'll be reading Fallocaust Book 2 The Ghost and the Darkness at the same time. So hopefully in a couple months it'll be available as well.

Release day is right around the corner, guys. It'll be here before you know it. Look for an announcement for volume 2 soon. I have the cover all ready and the book itself is almost complete, but I decided to wait until after volume 1's release to make the announcement. I'm just as excited as you guys! If you haven't pre-ordered The Suicide King yet, here is the link, and it'll also lead you to where you can buy the physical book on Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B017WR6K3O