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Silent Ground Part 1 is coming June 30th

It's time, everyone!

Time to get ready for a new Quil book, Silent Ground Part 1 is finally here and available for pre-order! And you're not going to have to wait long for it either. Even better? You're also not going to have to wait that long for part 2. The first installment is going to be available June 30th 2017 (ignore the release date it says currently, I was tired and selected the wrong damn month)

The very first fucked up book I ever made. Like The Gods' Games, this one is rooted to my teenage years. I always called it 'Fallocaust's grandfather' because without Silent Ground, I would've never had the balls to write Fallocaust how I wanted to write it.
Like The Gods' Games, it's been completely re-written to match my writing skills now (one that is actually legible), and is ready to be read, devoured, and hopefully ready to give everyone reading it nightmares. It's currently listed under gay/thriller since Amazon gives you two options for genres, but I'll be contacting Amazon (again) to try and add psychological to the thriller genre option. It's no fair I have to have one of my genres be 'gay' by default, dammit! But that's a rant for another time.

So, here it is, Silent Ground Part 1.

The blurb.

Sasha’s crazy. He knows he’s crazy, his uncle and best friend both know he’s crazy, and for a long time, they’d accepted it and loved him anyway.
But now, now things are changing. Sasha’s migranes are getting worse, there’s a voice inside of his head that keeps demeaning him, and for some screwed up reason, the only thing that cures these migranes, is Sasha’s own damn blood––which he has to resort to masochism to extract.

This is not okay; this is quickly becoming not okay and Sasha doesn’t know what the hell he’s supposed to do. What’s happening to him? And how much longer can Sasha’s uncle and best friend deal with it before they just give up on their mentally-disturbed loved one for good?

And that’s not even the worst of it. Oh no, not in the least. There are people after Sasha, two men wearing black cloaks. They attacked him on a dark road, and now these two are telling Sasha that he’s a nightcrawler like them… and it’s time to come home.

The leader calls himself Kheva, but to Sasha, he’s Master.
The second is called Kel, but to Sasha, he’s brother.
And who is Sasha? He’s a nightcrawler like them… but until he earns his place… he’s merely their unwilling slave.



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