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Fallocaust book 4 'A God Among Insects' Excerpt

It's time! To celebrate me reaching 100k on A God Among Insects (105k now) I'm releasing a portion of the first chapter rough draft of book 4. Obviously don't go near this if you haven't caught up with all of the books since you'll find spoilers galor (hey, that rhymes).

Hope everyone enjoys this first chapter. I know I need to go back to Silent Ground but I'm pretty much Drake with candy right now. I'm clinging to it and crying whenever I try to pull myself away. Silent Ground will be coming soon though, I just, ya know, kinda am loving this book.

Enjoy and happy reading, you'll find the excerpt in the main cluster of links 'Book 4 Excerpt' or just click this link. Or if you want to read it in a more prettier setting, here is a dropbox link.


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