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Fallocaust Short Stories: Nothing Bad Happens I Promise, now in print.

Hey Everyone!

Fallocaust Short Stories: Nothing Bad Happens I Promise, is now available in print! https://www.amazon.com/dp/1073615677

This book was a bit of a pain in the ass to get into print (Blame amazon) but it's finally here. Actually, it was available over a week ago but I got sick, and then once I was recovered I completely forgot, then once I remembered I said to myself "I'll get the posts out once I'm not so tired." Then four days later I remembered that I'm tired all the time lol. But it's here and it's beautiful. It's so tiny too compared to some of the mammoths! Or tiny for me anyway (that's what he said).

An update on what I'm doing: Still writing away on The Gods' Games, but I'm on the last leg of it. I've been having a lot of fun with this book. There is a Lelan storyline I have been writing in it, which has allowed me to expand on some familliar characters, and add some new ones as well that you've only heard of in the previous book (not to mention expand on the world as a whole). Also, we get to see Shol finally, in all its horrific glory, and there's more than a couple new characters in there that I fantasize about regularly. Hopefully I will be finished it soon, then it's on to the dreaded editing.

Fallocaust Short Stories: Nothing Bad Happens, I Promise is live!

Fallocaust Short Stories: Nothing Bad Happens, I Promise is officially released!

I usually make this post later in the day (when I'm awake and conscious enough to do things) but I might as well do it now before I drag my ass off to bed.

My first short stories book is out and live, and ready to be consumed. I hope everyone enjoys it, and that it tides them over until book 4's companion book is released. It was a lot of fun writing these short stories. I was able to get creative and basically do whatever I wanted with a few of those stories and that was definitely both fun and freeing. This won't be the last short story book and I look forward to coming up with new crazy ideas in the future.

Now it's back to writing The Gods' Games Book 2!


Patreon Post!

Hey Everyone!


So, it has been over a year since I’ve made a post about it since I always shy away from such things because I feel bad doing it, but I’ve been told to suck it up and do it anyway (by a few people lol). I wanted to make a post about my Patreon page that I have up: https://www.patreon.com/quilcarter. It’s basically to help keep my ass out of the poor house, especially with summer coming up which is murder for authors (all those people outside being ‘social’ and having ‘lives’ and having fun with ‘nature’ instead of being indoors reading like they should!). I have a lot of different rewards for different tiers including getting a thank you card from me (not just a store bought one but one I made myself and got copies made), and Fallocaust merchandise like magnets, bookmarks, stickers, and the coolest one: The top tier will have me hand-drawing you a book character of your choosing, and I even got gifted some fancy markers and fancy papers so it’ll be a pretty nice drawing as well. I also currently hold book raffles for signed books (it should be once a month but it usually ends up being two names every two months). There are also tiers to get your name in the ‘Note from Quil’ section of my latest book as well, and I’m thinking of a few more one time rewards as well (like the ‘Quil is your Slave’ reward where I’ll write you a short story of your choosing. Or something similar to a contest I held a few years ago where you give me the name of someone you hate in your life and I’ll make them into a character and kill them gruesomly in my next book. There’s a certain TV news guy who met a horrible end in Candyland). And sometimes I even give away an upcoming book a few days earlier.

As you can see I really try and make it worth your while if you do join. I also have had an Amazon wishlist up also. Which has on it such wonderful essentials like toilet paper, cat food, kitty litter, batteries, parmesan cheese, chilli, and boxer shorts… and some not essentials like pop and M&Ms since I’m a slut for soda and candy (it makes me write faster).

Anything and everything helps, and I appreciate so much all those who have become patreons, past and present, and everyone who has helped me via the wishlist (it’s like Christmas when I get a package delivered here. I won’t deny that I sometimes dance on the spot). Every cent from my patreon goes towards fun things like rent, bills, and food. I don’t drive, I don’t eat out, and I literally wore a pair of boxer shorts until they were ripped so bad the cloth was hanging half-off the waist band (Seren and Akash can vouche for this, they saw the picture lol), and I do all my clothes shopping once a year at a thrift store (though a very awesome person did buy me underware, socks, and shoes and I’ll love her forever for it. And I have gotten some hilarious and awesome t-shirts from my bestie). Being on my own since I was 17 taught me how to live as cheaply as possible, and I carried that with me throughout the years.

So, there we go, my yearly patreon post. I probably should do it more often but, yeah, I always feel bad about it. I appreciate you guys so much, you’re the best readers/fans/friends someone like me could hope for, and I do hope to continue throwing books at you for a very very long time. It’ll be less than a month until Fallocaust Short Stories comes out, and I know for sure you will all enjoy it.


I hope everyone is having a good spring. You all rock, and I really do appreciate you all from the bottom of my (sometimes dead, sometimes way to feely) heart.


Fallocaust Short Stories: Nothing Bad Happens I Promise is Coming!

It's coming!

The Fallocaust Short Stories: Nothing Bad Happens I Promise, is going to be released June 14th. It is now available for pre-order as well: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07QM6RQ3V. It contains 11 short stories about all your favourite characters (maybe a couple more depending on how it goes).

The Blurb:

Have you just read something heartbreaking in The Fallocaust Series? Did that evil author Quil rip your heart out and now you’re curled up in the fetal position eating Cheetos and plotting his death? Never fear! Fallocaust Short Stories: Nothing Bad Happens I Promise, is here to save you. This book contains a collection of short stories that are cute and funny (also a bit kinky at times), guaranteed to make you happy and feel all warm and fuzzy inside. The only tears that will be shed are ones of happiness, unless you drop your e-reader on your face but that’s not Quil’s fault, it’s yours – be more careful.

Some of the stories detail previously talked about events: like Reaver torturing Bridley, Leo and Greyson meeting for the first time, and how Luca got his cat ears; others are complete madness like ‘Backwards Land’ which takes place in a world where Killian is the greywaster living in Aras, and Reaver is the Skyfall boy whose parents are seeking the safety of the block. These short stories star all of your favourite characters doing all of your favourite things, and all that is missing is you.

A God Among Insects Vol 3 physical book is now available!

Hey everyone!

The physical book of A God Among Insects Volume 3 is now available on Amazon! It looks amazing, and as usual, I have Christina to thank for formatting the outside of it, making it look all pretty, and creating the back cover as well which turned out awesome. The inside of it was formatted by Jon, that has been his job since book 2 and I'm very thankful he does it because I ripped out my hair doing it for Fallocaust and Breaking Jade.

This damn physical book took longer than expected too, but Amazon is to blame for that. As any other author who uses createspace knows, Amazon decided to absorb createspace like the giant gelatinous creature it is, which changed a lot of things when it comes to creating the physical books. One of the most annoying, is that it now sends it super ass slow! So I literally had to wait two weeks for the damn book to arrive.
And also lovely... is that instead of having a nice single page at the very back that says 'Proof' when ordering a proof, as you can see, to prevent people (like me) from ordering a bunch of these so I can send them off to some of my betas, they slap 'NOT FOR RESALE' right on the cover, the spine, and back cover. 
But it's here and looks beautiful (besides the watermark), and I can finally fulfill my dream of seeing all three of these books stacked together.
And oh god its something... I can't believe I wrote all of that, but those grey hairs and mental breakdowns were worth it lol.

Right now, I'm currently working on The Gods' Games Book 2 BUT because I've been wanting badly to get it out for a year now, I'm also back to work on Fallocaust Short Stories. I just finished the Leo and Greyson one I stopped halfway through last year, so I officially have 4 of them done, and my main goal was to have 10 short stories in total before I publish. This will be the first of a few short story books, and this one is going to be called Fallocaust Short Stories: Nothing Bad Happens I Promise. It's going to be full of funny, cute, happy stories featuring all your favourite characters, and like the title suggests, nothing bad will happen. It'll be a good read for when you just read something heartbreaking or traumatizing and need an injection of humour and cuteness. So though TGG 2 is well on its way, if you're going to get technical, the short stories will be my next release.

So, that's what I've been up to when it comes to the books. I've been enjoying writing about my elves in The Gods' Games, but it has also been nice being back in the Fallocaust, and also great being able to give some of the secondary characters their moments in the spotlight.

I hope everyone is having a good November. I'm going to be celebrating a birthday next week, so ice cream, chinese food, and Fallout 76 is currently in my future.

A God Among Insects Volume 3 is released!!

It's released! Volume 3 is out and available. It's done, finally done, 100% god damn well DONE! And I couldn't be happier with how it turned out. I thought I would be dreading book 5 (and in many ways I am) but as the storyline goes, I'm eager to jump into it since I have some pretty neat plans.

For now though, I am working on The Gods' Games book 2, and taking a much needed and well deserved Fallocaust break.

I hope everyone enjoys this insane latest instalment. Feel free to post all comments on it on my timeline or on the FalloCult facebook group, but please mark it with a big ass SPOILER warning and also which chapter you're on as well.

Now, I'm off to go get cake to celebrate and also some chinese food, and we're going to have a bit of a celebration. Over a year was spent writing and editing this book. I got more than a few grey hairs and probably ruined my health on the way, but it was worth it.

So, time for cake now lol.

Now here are some useful links:

Book 4: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07H4ZQZBJ

The FalloCult facebook group, for even more discussions: https://www.facebook.com/groups/620135551487546

Fallocaust Discord: https://discord.gg/eXeYPY2

And my Patreon, if you want to support me and keep me from having to eat cat food: https://www.patreon.com/quilcarter

AGAI Vol. 3 Med COMPLETE.jpg

A God Among Insects Volume 3 is coming!!!

Okay, guys, the moment we've all been waiting for! A God Among Insects Volume 3 is going to be released October 5th.

Usually, I put the blurb in here but since I know not everyone is done AGAI 1 and 2 I'm going to hold off, but it is available on the book's amazon page. It has a lot of spoilery information in it, and I don't want anyone not caught up to be tempted to read it lol.

So, this will spell the end of a very big journey for me. This massive, awesome book took a year from start to finish, and gave me more grey hairs than all of the other ones. It ended up being huge, even by my standards (760,000 god damn words), and there's so much going on inside of it it's crazy.

And, jesus, volume 3 is indeed something. Buckle up, buttercups, this end volume isn't going to let you rest, it's going to shove you right into the action without warning and it's going to ravage you like Nero ravages twinks (I mean... Twinkies, I swear I mean Twinkies). I love how this book turned out, I love how volume 3 turned out, and I'm really looking forward to hearing everyone's reactions.

I still can't believe it's finally done!!

Okay, so here is the pre-order page for amazon: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07H4ZQZBJ and like I said, you'll be able to find the blurb in there as well. It won't be long now, the end (of book 4 at least) is coming.

Oh, and I think this is the most adorably creepy cover I've ever released. Look at that little voodoo guy all covered in proxy worms and blood, he's precious.

AGAI Vol. 3 Med COMPLETE.jpg

Malachy's Pheromone Bracelets!

Malachy's Pheromone Bracelets! Now for sale in the FalloShop.

Guaranteed to deter beezlebub bees! If you put these on, you will never ever see a single giant beezlebub bee for as long as you live. What a good deal! These bracelets are usually reserved for the most important of Candyland players, so get yours today for only 4 bucks (plus shipping).

They come in a bunch of colours, some even glow-in-the-dark! They say 'Welcome to Candyland - Good Luck' on them. I'm also going to make them smell nice, because I like nice-smelling things. I hope ya'll like cologne (I mean they are pheromone bracelets after all) because that's all I have available lol.

If you're in the top two tiers of my patreon thinger, or have been a third tier for a while, I'm going to be sending you one of these for free. I'm going to make that announcement on patreon either later tonight or tomorrow. Not just a bracelet but some of the top ones will also get some new stickers and magnets as well.

Oh and I also have new magnets too, Garden of Spiders Vol 1 and A God Among Insects Vol 1.


Physical books for Volume 2 now available!

We have physical books!

The hardcopy books for A God Among Insects Volume 2 are now available. I approved the book proof last night so it might not be on Amazon yet, but if not it should be there soon.

I also have some neat new Fallocaust merchandise that is going to be up for sale in the Falloshop, but also given away as a reward for some of my Patreons too. That will be announced tomorrow. Hint? It has to do with our wonderful Malachy ;)


And the Patreon link: https://www.patreon.com/quilcarter Support me today and you'll get some pretty awesome stuff. Depending on the tier you'll get anything from hand drawn and coloured Fallocaust characters (whoever you want, I'm at your command), magnets, signed bookmarks, stickers, and the new stuff coming up tomorrow. Plus raffles for signed books too.Oh and of course the thank-you cards which I drew myself too.

As for a Volume 3 update. Working on the last chapter now, and since the cover is complete, it won't be too long now!

A God Among Insects Volume 2 is released!

Hey everyone!


As you obviously already know, today is release day! Fallocaust Book 4 'A God Among Insects' Volume 2 is out and about and hopefully playing nicely with the other books.

So, that means there's only volume 3 left, my first three volume book (and universe willing, the LAST!). I'm thinking that this one won't take as long to get out, but these books love surprising me so I won't make any promises. It's shorter though, so I'm not figuring so.

I hope everyone enjoys. SO MUCH happens in this damn book! A few characters I absolutely love are introduced, and let's just say a lot of shit is about to go down. That book nearly killed me during that 6 day marathon (like other 6 day marathons I've had in the past. Heh) but I'm proud of it and happy with how it turned out.

I also finally put up the Garden of Spiders and A God Among Insects Vol. 1 magnets up on the FalloShop too on my website: http://www.quilcarter.com/the-falloshop/ and also reduced all the prices on almost everything as well.

And also, if you haven't yet, support my ass on Patreon! You can get really cool shit like a hand drawn, inked, and coloured drawing from me of whatever character or thing you want, and custom 'thank you' cards, magnets, signed bookmarks, and there's book raffles every month (sometimes I get busy and forget a month but that just means I do two). And the longer you're a patreon and the higher your tier, the more raffle entries you get: https://www.patreon.com/quilcarter

Well, I think that's it. I hope you all enjoy the book, and of course, be mindful of spoilers when posting something here or on the FalloCult. I'm taking today off but tomorrow is back to the grindstone so I can get Volume 3 all pretty and released.

Only a few more days!!

It is now out of my hands! The final copy of A God Among Insects Volume 2 has been submitted. Well, it was submitted yesterday, the 23rd, at 4:57pm. When was the deadline that Amazon gave me to submit it? July 23rd 5:00pm lol.

I decided about 5 1/2 days before the deadline that I wanted to do another readthrough, and thus started the marathon. The first three days wasn't as bad since I was able to get a lot of stuff done but still talked to a few people and watched some TV, but with 3 days left and seeing how much I still had to get done... it was crunch time. I had 15 hour days, and then after one of those 15 hour days, I slept for 4 hours, then literally sat in my damn recliner for the next 25 hours (I'm not even exaggerating here lol Well, I mean I did pee and all that) to do the last ten chapters that I had. We're talking reading, editing, rewriting, it was crazy but I was determined to get it done. Also during this time, I ignored my friends, my boyfriends, my housecleaning and more than a couple times cats were told to stick it places when they decided to serenade me loudly for reasons unknown. BUT I got it done! Even after I was done with the chapters, I went back and read through more stuff until I had 3 minutes to spare. 

At least it was good for my pocket book too, literally not going outside meant I saved a ton of money! I had a good 15 day streak of not spending a dime going on before breaking it last night.

So, only a few more days until A God Among Insects Volume 2 is released and in your hands. As these books go on, there's just so much more to them, so Ive definitely been finding that I have to be more careful, there's just so many little small things to keep track of.

Im going to take a couple days off now lol I woke up a few hours ago from a 12 hour sleep after the end of the last 25 hour stretch, and Im going to catch up with all the people Ive been ignoring, buy some food, have a drink or two, and play a video game that came in the mail last week.

Enjoy guys! And enjoy the 'Note from Quil' at the end, it's a bit weird since I was incredibly exhausted and sleep deprived. But well, Im sure it adds charm lol.


A God Among Insects Volume 2 is coming!

Fallocaust Book 4 A God Among Insects Volume 2 is coming! It'll be released July 27th 2018.

Here you go, guys! It's on it's way. This should give me enough time to read through it (again) and make sure everything is syncing up nicely. Damn, every series book just gets more complicated with these interweaving storylines and so many POV characters, but it's almost done and it'll be well worth it once it's all finished. This book is bigger than volume 1 too, and jesus fuck, so much happens! So prepare yourself, it's going to be a ride!

Pre-order here: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07F3HL5KC


There is no denying it now, something is happening to Elish. Jade doesn’t know what is going on with his husband, he only knows Elish is hiding something from him – and that the new king’s mind is slipping.
Too bad there’s nothing Jade can do about it, considering they’re both prisoners of an insane clone named Malachy. Not only prisoners, but the two of them, along with Reno, Caligula, and Ceph, are now forced to play the insane man’s game. It is a game that could leave the mortals dead, and the immortals trapped for god knows how long.

Which would be just fine with Jack, Kessler, and Nero, who have their own plans back in Skyfall.

Meanwhile, unaware of the chaos his family is in, King Silas is still running around the greywastes and the plaguelands with Sky. He is loving spending time with the man he’d obsessed over for so long, but the O.L.S isn’t perfect – far from it, actually. Sky is showing weird behaviour, and every once in a while, none other than Perish appears warning Silas that Sky is up to something.
But Sky says it’s just a glitch, and that Silas should ignore Perish. Sky wouldn’t lie to him… right?

And miles away from the greywastes, Reaver has found himself inside of a mysterious tower surrounded by an abandoned city. The owner of this skyscraper is an old man named Bastian, who claims to be the person who’d created born immortals. Naturally, Reaver doesn’t care, but Bastian has a secret that will have Reaver and Killian stopping at nothing to return to Skyfall – along with two nightcrawlers just as desperate to find the city.


There you guys go. I hope you all love this one as much as I loved writing it (well, most of the time). And the cover too, I had fun with it... creepy fucking proxy eye.

AGAI Vol. 2 medium COMPLETE.jpg

Physical books of A God Among Insects now available

Hey everyone,

The physical copies of A God Among Insects Vol. 1 are now available. They should be on amazon by now, I approved the proof a couple days ago, but you know how Amazon is.

I love how the physical book turned out. As always, thank you to Christina Blumhagen for doing the cover formatting and creating the back cover. I don't know what I would do without her. And even though he's not on FB at all, thanks to Jon for formatting the inside of the book and making it look pretty.

A God Among Insects Volume 1 is released!

It's released!!

As most of you know by now... A God Among Insects Volume 1 is now live and ready to be devoured.

I would like to thank my beta readers for their hard work. I love and appreciate you guys. And also of course my readers for being my motivation and for loving these characters as much as I do.

Two more volumes left to go! The beta readers and I are hard at work on volume 2. No date on that yet but since the book itself is done (though a few chapters are getting added here and there) it shouldn't be too long. I can't wait to bring you guys the rest of this story.


A God Among Insects coming April 27th 2018

A God Among Insects Volume 1 coming April 27th 2018.

It's finally on its way! And see, I'm not going to make you guys wait too long. It's been a long time coming, and I know this book will not disappoint and that it will be worth the wait.

Here's the blurb and all of that:

Two months after what is now known as ‘The Proxy Incident’ has every chimera who was present during Elish’s discipline living in fear. Elish and Jade are taking great joy in personally crafting punishments for the family members that have wronged them, and without Silas to stop the two, they’re free to do whatever they want.

But though Jade has been having fun being involved in Elish’s plans, the more time that goes on, the more Jade realizes there is something wrong with his husband. Elish isn’t acting like his normal self, and on top of that, Jade suspects the new King of Skyfall is hiding something from him.

And far away from Skyfall, Reaver and Killian are both trapped in a distant land, with an unexpected third party. Not only do they have to try and make their way back to civilization in a land of mutated monsters and proxy worms, but Reaver finds himself drawn off of their planned path towards someone unknown: a suspected born immortal who has left them a trail of macabre bread crumbs.


Available for pre-order right now https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07BJKBCP3

AGAI Cover TEXT BLOOD 42.jpg

It's coming soon!

Well, the last 9 chapters of Volume 1 are in the hands of my awesome, sexy, hard-working beta readers, which means all I have left now is to get the cover done. I do actually have some ideas for it too, so who knows... you guys might be having a cover reveal and a release date sooner than you think.

And yes, it's official, it will be a three volume book. I will have to make three covers lol. I was able to tweek the ending of volume 1 to make it end on a pretty good place. That was the biggest pain in the ass since, as you know, each volume always ends on a good part and I had to tweek it and basically shift it so the cliff hangery part ends on another story ark.

But it's coming, like I said, as soon as the cover is done I'll have nothing holding me back from announcing the release date. So, keep an eye out, A God Among Insects Volume 1 is right around the corner.



Fallocaust Book 4 'A God Among Insects' is done, finished, completed. Or at least as completed as it's going to get before the long, horrible editing process that will leave me a crying curled up mess due to fatigue and sore eyes from staring at the computer screen for 12 hours straight.

SO, final/not final word count is a fucking insane 660,000 which is 90,000 more than The Suicide King. This is not a solid number since editing will either increase it or decrease it. What does that mean? Well, it was joked at before, but it looks like the real reality is that this will most likely be my first three volume book. Because of printing limits, I can't publish a single book under 330,000 (and even that needs tweeking) and AGAI pt 1 and p2 isn't perfectly 330k each, and most likely v1 will be bigger since there's a few chapters I plan on putting into it. So, looks like I'm once again a sadistic glutton for punishment, and me letting the book tell me when it should end has lead to... this again.

That's good news for you guys, because it means volume 1 will be released a lot earlier. Bad news for me because god dammit that means I'm going to need to make three covers and those things are just brutal at times. I always seem to pull something out of my ass though, I'm slowly learning to trust myself even when I'm in a panic about whether I'll be able to pull something off.

Now, I'm taking a couple days off before diving into the hellish world of editing. I'd love to take like a week off but I can never seem to do that no matter how much I want to. Once I'm ten chapters in, it'll be sent off to my lovely beta readers and soon it'll be in your guyses hands.

So what do I have to say about this book? Buckle up, buttercup... it's going to be a ride. Like every book... couples will breakup, couples will form, people will die, new and old enemies will come out of the woodwork,and new beloved characters will be introduced and every chimera, mortal, and immortal's foundation is going to be rocked.

Fallocaust is back, Reaver and Killian are back, Elish and Jade, Silas, Reno, and many others. They're all back, but by the end of this book, a few of them are going to wish they werent.

Fallocaust Trivia Game

Hey Everyone!!


Do you have Google Assistant on your phone or a Google home? If so, I was dickin' around and decided to make a Fallocaust Trivia Game. It was approved last night and anyone can play it by telling your google assistant "I want to talk to the Quil Quiz" I wanted to, of course, call it the Fallocaust Quiz but google assistant does not recognize that word at all lol. I'm pretty proud of it, it's challenging and pretty funny too. I had a great time making the questions. I'm not sure the difficulty level of the Fallocaust Quiz because, well, I dont know what people pay attention to... but I got all the questions right!

Also a note if you're doing it via your phone and can see the text, you'll see I had to spell Elish's name Eelish and Siris's name Seeriss, because google was pronouncing their names wrong (It's EE-LISH not Elle-ish!)

GO PLAY! And tell me your results. I'll be adding new trivia questions too and updating it. OH AND SPOILER ALERT FOR EVERYTHING!!! Seriously, mecha spoilers.

Merry Christmas Everyone

Merry Christmas Everyone!

I hope you all are having a good time with your families/friends/cats/dogs/selves. Thank you for all the Christmas wishes, and especially for those of you who joined my Patreon and helped me spend a Christmas where I wasn't pulling out my hair in hefty chunks. I look forward to the new year and bringing this giant ass, fucked up (jesus did I just write a fucked up scene) book to you, and in 2018 The Gods' Games Book 2 and Fallocauts Short Stories, and Book 4's companion book (which I've yet to figure out). I love all of you guys, you've really added so much brightness to my life. I'm lucky to have such wonderful readers and friends, and I hope for many more years with you guys.

So, Merry Christmas. Eat lots of food without guilt, drink until you sing Christmas songs with lewdly altered lyrics, and spend time with those you love, even if it's just your favourite video game or movie.