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Physical books of A God Among Insects now available

Hey everyone,

The physical copies of A God Among Insects Vol. 1 are now available. They should be on amazon by now, I approved the proof a couple days ago, but you know how Amazon is.

I love how the physical book turned out. As always, thank you to Christina Blumhagen for doing the cover formatting and creating the back cover. I don't know what I would do without her. And even though he's not on FB at all, thanks to Jon for formatting the inside of the book and making it look pretty.

A God Among Insects Volume 1 is released!

It's released!!

As most of you know by now... A God Among Insects Volume 1 is now live and ready to be devoured.

I would like to thank my beta readers for their hard work. I love and appreciate you guys. And also of course my readers for being my motivation and for loving these characters as much as I do.

Two more volumes left to go! The beta readers and I are hard at work on volume 2. No date on that yet but since the book itself is done (though a few chapters are getting added here and there) it shouldn't be too long. I can't wait to bring you guys the rest of this story.


A God Among Insects coming April 27th 2018

A God Among Insects Volume 1 coming April 27th 2018.

It's finally on its way! And see, I'm not going to make you guys wait too long. It's been a long time coming, and I know this book will not disappoint and that it will be worth the wait.

Here's the blurb and all of that:

Two months after what is now known as ‘The Proxy Incident’ has every chimera who was present during Elish’s discipline living in fear. Elish and Jade are taking great joy in personally crafting punishments for the family members that have wronged them, and without Silas to stop the two, they’re free to do whatever they want.

But though Jade has been having fun being involved in Elish’s plans, the more time that goes on, the more Jade realizes there is something wrong with his husband. Elish isn’t acting like his normal self, and on top of that, Jade suspects the new King of Skyfall is hiding something from him.

And far away from Skyfall, Reaver and Killian are both trapped in a distant land, with an unexpected third party. Not only do they have to try and make their way back to civilization in a land of mutated monsters and proxy worms, but Reaver finds himself drawn off of their planned path towards someone unknown: a suspected born immortal who has left them a trail of macabre bread crumbs.


Available for pre-order right now https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07BJKBCP3

AGAI Cover TEXT BLOOD 42.jpg

It's coming soon!

Well, the last 9 chapters of Volume 1 are in the hands of my awesome, sexy, hard-working beta readers, which means all I have left now is to get the cover done. I do actually have some ideas for it too, so who knows... you guys might be having a cover reveal and a release date sooner than you think.

And yes, it's official, it will be a three volume book. I will have to make three covers lol. I was able to tweek the ending of volume 1 to make it end on a pretty good place. That was the biggest pain in the ass since, as you know, each volume always ends on a good part and I had to tweek it and basically shift it so the cliff hangery part ends on another story ark.

But it's coming, like I said, as soon as the cover is done I'll have nothing holding me back from announcing the release date. So, keep an eye out, A God Among Insects Volume 1 is right around the corner.



Fallocaust Book 4 'A God Among Insects' is done, finished, completed. Or at least as completed as it's going to get before the long, horrible editing process that will leave me a crying curled up mess due to fatigue and sore eyes from staring at the computer screen for 12 hours straight.

SO, final/not final word count is a fucking insane 660,000 which is 90,000 more than The Suicide King. This is not a solid number since editing will either increase it or decrease it. What does that mean? Well, it was joked at before, but it looks like the real reality is that this will most likely be my first three volume book. Because of printing limits, I can't publish a single book under 330,000 (and even that needs tweeking) and AGAI pt 1 and p2 isn't perfectly 330k each, and most likely v1 will be bigger since there's a few chapters I plan on putting into it. So, looks like I'm once again a sadistic glutton for punishment, and me letting the book tell me when it should end has lead to... this again.

That's good news for you guys, because it means volume 1 will be released a lot earlier. Bad news for me because god dammit that means I'm going to need to make three covers and those things are just brutal at times. I always seem to pull something out of my ass though, I'm slowly learning to trust myself even when I'm in a panic about whether I'll be able to pull something off.

Now, I'm taking a couple days off before diving into the hellish world of editing. I'd love to take like a week off but I can never seem to do that no matter how much I want to. Once I'm ten chapters in, it'll be sent off to my lovely beta readers and soon it'll be in your guyses hands.

So what do I have to say about this book? Buckle up, buttercup... it's going to be a ride. Like every book... couples will breakup, couples will form, people will die, new and old enemies will come out of the woodwork,and new beloved characters will be introduced and every chimera, mortal, and immortal's foundation is going to be rocked.

Fallocaust is back, Reaver and Killian are back, Elish and Jade, Silas, Reno, and many others. They're all back, but by the end of this book, a few of them are going to wish they werent.

Fallocaust Trivia Game

Hey Everyone!!


Do you have Google Assistant on your phone or a Google home? If so, I was dickin' around and decided to make a Fallocaust Trivia Game. It was approved last night and anyone can play it by telling your google assistant "I want to talk to the Quil Quiz" I wanted to, of course, call it the Fallocaust Quiz but google assistant does not recognize that word at all lol. I'm pretty proud of it, it's challenging and pretty funny too. I had a great time making the questions. I'm not sure the difficulty level of the Fallocaust Quiz because, well, I dont know what people pay attention to... but I got all the questions right!

Also a note if you're doing it via your phone and can see the text, you'll see I had to spell Elish's name Eelish and Siris's name Seeriss, because google was pronouncing their names wrong (It's EE-LISH not Elle-ish!)

GO PLAY! And tell me your results. I'll be adding new trivia questions too and updating it. OH AND SPOILER ALERT FOR EVERYTHING!!! Seriously, mecha spoilers.

Merry Christmas Everyone

Merry Christmas Everyone!

I hope you all are having a good time with your families/friends/cats/dogs/selves. Thank you for all the Christmas wishes, and especially for those of you who joined my Patreon and helped me spend a Christmas where I wasn't pulling out my hair in hefty chunks. I look forward to the new year and bringing this giant ass, fucked up (jesus did I just write a fucked up scene) book to you, and in 2018 The Gods' Games Book 2 and Fallocauts Short Stories, and Book 4's companion book (which I've yet to figure out). I love all of you guys, you've really added so much brightness to my life. I'm lucky to have such wonderful readers and friends, and I hope for many more years with you guys.

So, Merry Christmas. Eat lots of food without guilt, drink until you sing Christmas songs with lewdly altered lyrics, and spend time with those you love, even if it's just your favourite video game or movie.

A God Among Insects Update

Well, there it is. A God Among Insects is indeed bigger than The Suicide King now. I never indended for this to happen, but then I remember back to The Ghost and the Darkness and literally making a post saying "This book is like over 400,000 words so it needs to get put in two volumes, but rest assured, it won't be a trend" Then TSK was 560,000, and nooow AGAI might very well be 600,000. Great for you guys, but I swear these books will kill me one day lol.

So, I do have a conundrum because createspace, where I make my physical books, won't print a book over 820 pages, which, after fucking with some margins, means around 330,000 (and that's pushing it). Right now, AGAI vol. 1 is about 330,000 and I still wanted to add some chapters for characters that need their stories fleshed out a bit more. Unless I come across a part of vol 1 need to cut... I'm going to run into a problem.

But that's Future Quil's problem, and I hate that guy, so I'll let him deal with it.

The end is coming. I'm just tying up those loose ends right now then I'll be writing that last big scene. After that, the fun part of hardcore editing, book covers, beta readers and then finally the release day.

I hope everyone is having a happy holidays. I've been meaning to make a Patreon status post but I'll leave that for tomorrow or the next day (Once again, Future Quil's problem). Now, I'm making a damn drink!

An update on everything.

A few days ago, I put in a vista print order for my custom Fallocaust thank you cards. I had a lot of fun making the Fallocaust cartoon for it, and I hope everyone gets a kick out of it like I did. I should be on track to send them out the first few days of December along with the other 'thank you' stuff for everyone but the top tier. The top tier of course is going to take me a little bit longer to complete. I have... a lot... of drawing to do lol so I'll be making my way down the list and getting the sketches in whenever I have a moment to draw. I'll also be sending out a message soon about what character they want me to draw, feel free to take time to think about it lol.


I want to thank everyone for their help during this time. The response I got from my patreon was amazing. I wasn’t expecting that at all, and it’s really really reduced my stress level (which is great in another way since I just seem to get all the more sicker when I’m stressed out). Not only that, but I’ve gotten a huge huge response with my amazon wishlist. I’ve been getting packages in the mail like crazy and it’s been like Christmas. I’ve been able to find a few of you so I can say thanks, but there’s also a lot of people who either sent it annonymously, or they are names I can’t find on my facebook or twitter. If you’re one of those people, thank you so much for helping make my life easier. Not just financially but also making it so I don’t need to drag my sorry ass to the store. All of this has made me feel so much love, it’s been incredible. Oh, and the cats too. They’ve been eating Fancy Feast and Temptations cat treats and have been quite spoiled.


And the great thing about being sick currently, is that it’s given me a lot of time to write. It’s the last stretch of the book so all the good stuff is happening, and it’s been so hard not to share it with people (like really hard). There’s so many jaw dropping things happening and keeping it to myself is getting physically painful. It’ll be done soon though, then after editing and beta reading it’ll be in your guyses hands finally.


I also have almost everything set to begin the audio books. All I’m waiting for now is the sound proof panels, but the place I live in is rather quiet so I’m thinking it’ll be fine to start before they arrive (they’re coming from China so god knows how long that will take). I sold my ancient TV on craigslist, and finally after a few days of trying, someone finally picked up the coffee table it was sitting on ,which it’d put on the curb with a Free sign. The second bedroom/storage room is now officially christened the audio room. Once everything is set up (the desk maaay still be in its box) I’ll take some pictures. It’s not much but it’s a lot better than the mess it was before I went clean-freak on it.


That’s it. I hope my American friends had a good thanksgiving. A lot is going to be happening in the next few months, and now I don’t feel a gut-wrenching sense of dread whenever I think of i! Yay lol.

Keep Quil From Starving

Hey everyone,

Long post alert, but there's some good stuff at the end so bear with me.

I hope everyone is having a good November. Mine has been alright, but the last several months for me has been a bit stressful. Not just some medical issues that have gotten worse in the past few months, but other things (including Amazon trimming the KU pages and the Canadian dollar rising, ugh) which has been making it difficult for me to keep my head above water.

I've been on my own since I was 17 years old, living by myself most of the time with a boyfriend thrown in there at one point for good measure, and always I've found a way to survive. Either my side job was doing well, or writing was doing well. When the side job went to hell, my writing earnings floated me. But, well, that hasn't been happening over the last few months, and recent expenses like medical issues (even though good ol' Canada covers medical stuff, bussing it to a specialist a few towns over once a month is all on me) and just living expenses has me going in the deep red.

I want to keep writing full-time, but reality is catching up to me. I thought I was basically fucked since I'd never ask for handouts, but I found something called Patreon and it looks like I can give shit back, and I can get creative with it too, and I decided to say fuck it, put my pride aside and see if it'll work.

I'm not looking to fund an extravagant lifestyle. I don't drive, my place is probably the cheapest place in my town for what I'm getting, and I buy my clothes from the thrift store. I'm not looking to buy a new TV or pay for a trip to Europe. I'd cry tears of joy to just break even right about now. Hell, there's even a $1 tier there. I'll try and make it as rewarding as possible, and if you check it out, contributing can get you anything from me mailing you a thank you card, to a hand drawn drawing of your favourite Fallocaust/The Gods' Games/Silent Ground character done by me (Yes, I used to draw a lot, until writing stole my time lol). Eventually, I want to do signed book raffles, maybe even invest in Fallocaust t-shirts or something.

I also set up an Amazon wishlist which is just for household stuff from cat food to toilet paper. It's on my quilcarter website, the link I'll be posting below.

So, I've been putting off posting this for a few days since I just feel like crap doing it. I've been surviving one way or another for over a decade now and took pride in that. But I love my books, I love writing, and I want to keep being able to deliver the books the way that I do.


Have you read this far? Awesome! Because I also have an important announcement to make. I'm making an investment, another thing I'm hoping Patreon will help with, and that investment is in a good mic and mic stand, a desk, and some sound proof panels. Why?

Fallocaust is coming to audio book. I've been wanting to do this for a long time, and now I think getting it done will also help my situation. I hate my voice, I think I sound like a 15 year old, but I know how to read my books, I know how each character is saying each thing, and I don't think there's anyone in the world who can read you The Fallocaust Series better than me. So, that's also something everyone can look forward to, and if you just want to kick a few dollars towards the equiptment needed (well, technically to pay back the credit card I used to buy this stuff) I would love you forever. After Fallocaust, The Gods' Games and Silent Ground will be next. Eventually I want everyone to be forced to listen to my weird boyish voice in order to have the series read to them.

Sorry for the huge post. I hope you all don't hate me for having to post this. I love you guys, and a chunk of you I consider my close friends, and you guys know how this medical stuff has been unravelling. I really want to keep bringing the books to you on the same schedule, and hopefully, I'll be able to pull it off.

Thanks for reading,


Keep Quil From Starving (with Amazon wishlist)http://www.quilcarter.com/help-quil/

Fallocaust Book 4 'A God Among Insects' update.

Hey Guys!


Just giving an update on Fallocaust Book 4 A God Among Insects. I'm in the final stretch now, with the book edging near 500,000 words. A lot has happened and a lot is still going to happen, but I'm excited to be approaching the end of the newest installment of The Fallocaust Series. It's been quite a ride, and so far I'm liking how the book has turned out and am looking forward to adding those last "Oh fuck!" moments before writing the final page. No release date yet, but I've been hard and work and am hoping to bring you book 4 soon.

You won't believe what Reaver, Killian, Jade, Elish and Reno are going to experience and go through in this book. There's a lot of character development in this book and I'm excited as fuck to see what everyone thinks about where these guys are going. Also, as mentioned before, there are new characters that I'm utterly in love with (one in particular), that I'm excited about releasing into the world.


Even though I've been busy with book 4, I'm still (slowly) working on Fallocaust Short Stories too. I don't think it'll be out before A God Among Insects like I hoped, but I'm still wanting to have it out soon after.


And next, once book 4 and Fallocaust Short Stories are out, it'll be onto book 2 of The Gods' Games. Now that one I'm psyched about getting to. I miss Ben, Teal, Malagant, and Anagin and Josiah too. It'll be hard to leave the Fallocaust world for a few months, but Elron is calling me.


I hope everyone had a good Halloween. I was able to get my traditional 50% off Halloween Candy which was wonderful lol. On the 'meh' side I also got a tooth pulled last Thursday so that sucked and has been painful but I'm surviving lol. And next week is my birthday too! Whoo. We're getting another one of those bakery cakes like I did with Silent Ground's release. God damn that was good cake.

Silent Ground Part 2 is in print + A God Among Insects (Fallocaust Book 4) update

Silent Ground Part 2 is now in print!

The physical book turned out AMAZING! It looks awesome. My favourite colour combination is red and black so this was right up my alley.

Silent Ground is completely out now, it's gone from my hands and my head into yours. I've been hearing some amazing feedback on it, which just puts me on cloud 9.

Here is a link to the createspace page for it (feel free to like it), and it'll be available on Amazon soon since I approved it yesterday. Also, thanks so much to Christina for doing the formatting for the cover, and doing the back cover and spine as well. I don't know what I would do without her!


And in other news...

A God Among Insects Volume 1 is going to be done very soon. I still have no god damn idea how I'm going to make volume 1 under 330,000 words, but as I said before, that's Future Quil's problem! Everyone keeps saying they wouldn't mind a three volume book, and that just might end up being reality lol. We'll see, this book is already looking like it may trump The Suicide King, but I never plan the length so I can't know for sure. I'm writing this really deliciously fucked up part though, let's say certain main characters are going to be doing some entirely fucked up things.

Actually, now that I think of it, all the main characters are in the middle of doing some rather fucked up things...

Silent Ground Part 2 is live!

Silent Ground Part 2 is live everyone!

It's all done! It's finally done and my newest baby is out of my hands and into the hands and heads of my readers. I hope everyone enjoys the conclusion of this fucked up, twisted book; I sure did love writing it (well, most of th time. Sometimes I just want to rip my hair out lol). Now it's full steam ahead on Fallocaust book 4, which I'm working on every day, and of course, Fallocaust Short stories.

What are you doing still here? Go and read!


The blurb:

At one point in time, Sasha thought that just being told he wasn’t crazy would be good enough for him. After years of thinking he was losing his mind, being understood and accepted seemed like a pipe dream. But now, Sasha’s living with two men with abilities like him, Kheva and Kel Swift, two men who know what he’s going through. However, this lakeside house is no vacation. Sasha is being abused and tortured in the worst way, and the only reason he’s been given as to why, is that it’s supposedly growing his powers.

Powers that are now responsible for killing someone like them, another nightcrawler.

This is madness, all of this is madness. Revenge is sweet, but murder? Sasha is beginning to realize he’s been brought into something that far outreaches the insanity he had signed up for.

And Rob. What about Rob? While Sasha is being trained by Kheva, Rob is the voice in the back of his head urging Sasha to free him. But there’s something about Rob that Sasha is uncomfortable with, and he starts suspecting that there might be more to this story than he’s been told.

And back home, Lex and Jobe have teamed up with Ian Lariat, a private investigator, and Ian’s younger brother Nate. Nate once had close ties to Kel, and is just as determined as Jobe and Lex to bring their loved ones home where they belong. But determination can only go so far, and they will soon learn that nothing good comes from messing with Kheva, or who Kheva has deemed his property.

Silent Ground Part 1 physical copy out.

Hey guys!

Silent Ground Part 1 is now available in paperback! I'm really in love with how it turned out, and as always, mad credit goes to my friend Christina for doing the cover jacket! She always makes these back covers look amazing. I'm lucky as hell to have her. I'm not sure if Silent Ground Part 1's physical book is linked to Amazon yet, if, not it will be tomorrow at the latest most likely. It is currently on createspace though.

Like announced yesterday, part 2 is right around the corner too, only 8 more days. That will conclude Silent Ground and the next book you'll see from me will either be Fallocaust Short Stories or Fallocaust book 4 'A God Among Insects'. A God Among Insects is going great. We're at 230,000 words currently. As usual, I have no idea how big this book is going to be, but considering I still feel like I just started it, we're definitely looking at The Suicide King size (which ended up being over 560,000 words). Maybe we'll reach 600k? Or maybe Rosa will get her wish and we'll finally be in three volume territory lol. I'm really loving writing AGAI, a lot of scenes that I have been seeing perfectly in my head are now down on paper and I couldn't be happier with them, and one character particularly that I've been dying to write, is turning out just as fucked up and hilariously crazy as I was hoping he would. I know you guys will love this book, and as always, I am writing as fast as I can lol.

But until book 4 comes out, you have Silent Ground to keep you occupied!


Silent Ground Part 2 is coming!

Silent Ground Part 2 coming next week! Friday July 21st.

The conclusion is coming! No pre-order this time, since it's only a week away, it'll be available on Amazon next Friday, whenever Amazon decides to approve the manuscript lol usually takes like 12 hours from me submitting it, but because of that I can't narrow down time.

So, here it is, the grisly, fucked up conclusion to Silent Ground. I hope everyone is enjoying the book so far, I loved writing it and loved finally giving Sasha, Kheva, and Kel a voice. I've never been good at ending a book, I'm much more comfortable with series since I don't need to let go then (at least not for a long while). So, probably in the future there may be a prequel of some kind, since I'm much too attached to some of these characters lol. Typical Quil just can't fucking let go, which is probably why I made so many of Fallocaust's characters immortal.

Also, look for an announcement tomorrow for the physical edition of Silent Ground, it's coming too!


Silent Ground Part 1 is Live!

Silent Ground Part 1 is LIVE!


It's out, it's released, it's out of my clingy, control freak hands and now into yours. These characters I created when I was nothing but a screwed up teenager newly living on his own with only dial-up internet and a crappy old desktop to keep him company, has been gussied up and polished, and is finally ready to see the world.


Before Fallocaust, I'd 'written' or at least partially written, three books, The Gods' Games, Silent Ground, and a book called DN Die starring twins named Sky and Perish (after realizing I'd most likely never finish that book, I decided to transfer them to Fallocaust. I wanted those guys to be seen still). Each one of those books explored a different side of me, and it has been an interesting and fascinating road re-writing TGG and SG to make them good, solid books. This is it though, unless I go insane and decide to rewrite DN Die (Oh god, dont let me do that... it is pretty damn interesting though) this is it for my 'pre-Fallocaust' books. Which is good in a way, since I have way too many great ideas for future books!


I hope that everyone enjoys Silent Ground as much as I loved writing it. It was a trip being able to go back into my head and dig up all the ideas I had for this book. If there's one piece of advice I could give for this book, it is to read it carefully.You might pick up on some rather interesting things if you watch out for them.


So there it is, Silent Ground Part 1 is out. Like I've previously said, part 2 is weeks away, not months. It's pretty much all done, and the cover is done too. I'm now working on book 4 of Fallocaust, and hope you all will join me there soon.


Happy Reading!


Purchase here! Also available for free if you have KU. KU is my friend since I make such large books, so feel more than welcome to read it on there. I do end up making more money lol (which means I can stay home and write more books!)

Silent Ground Part 1 is coming June 30th

It's time, everyone!

Time to get ready for a new Quil book, Silent Ground Part 1 is finally here and available for pre-order! And you're not going to have to wait long for it either. Even better? You're also not going to have to wait that long for part 2. The first installment is going to be available June 30th 2017 (ignore the release date it says currently, I was tired and selected the wrong damn month)

The very first fucked up book I ever made. Like The Gods' Games, this one is rooted to my teenage years. I always called it 'Fallocaust's grandfather' because without Silent Ground, I would've never had the balls to write Fallocaust how I wanted to write it.
Like The Gods' Games, it's been completely re-written to match my writing skills now (one that is actually legible), and is ready to be read, devoured, and hopefully ready to give everyone reading it nightmares. It's currently listed under gay/thriller since Amazon gives you two options for genres, but I'll be contacting Amazon (again) to try and add psychological to the thriller genre option. It's no fair I have to have one of my genres be 'gay' by default, dammit! But that's a rant for another time.

So, here it is, Silent Ground Part 1.

The blurb.

Sasha’s crazy. He knows he’s crazy, his uncle and best friend both know he’s crazy, and for a long time, they’d accepted it and loved him anyway.
But now, now things are changing. Sasha’s migranes are getting worse, there’s a voice inside of his head that keeps demeaning him, and for some screwed up reason, the only thing that cures these migranes, is Sasha’s own damn blood––which he has to resort to masochism to extract.

This is not okay; this is quickly becoming not okay and Sasha doesn’t know what the hell he’s supposed to do. What’s happening to him? And how much longer can Sasha’s uncle and best friend deal with it before they just give up on their mentally-disturbed loved one for good?

And that’s not even the worst of it. Oh no, not in the least. There are people after Sasha, two men wearing black cloaks. They attacked him on a dark road, and now these two are telling Sasha that he’s a nightcrawler like them… and it’s time to come home.

The leader calls himself Kheva, but to Sasha, he’s Master.
The second is called Kel, but to Sasha, he’s brother.
And who is Sasha? He’s a nightcrawler like them… but until he earns his place… he’s merely their unwilling slave.



Silent Ground Part 1 Done Medium.jpg

Fallocaust book 4 'A God Among Insects' Excerpt

It's time! To celebrate me reaching 100k on A God Among Insects (105k now) I'm releasing a portion of the first chapter rough draft of book 4. Obviously don't go near this if you haven't caught up with all of the books since you'll find spoilers galor (hey, that rhymes).

Hope everyone enjoys this first chapter. I know I need to go back to Silent Ground but I'm pretty much Drake with candy right now. I'm clinging to it and crying whenever I try to pull myself away. Silent Ground will be coming soon though, I just, ya know, kinda am loving this book.

Enjoy and happy reading, you'll find the excerpt in the main cluster of links 'Book 4 Excerpt' or just click this link. Or if you want to read it in a more prettier setting, here is a dropbox link.


Quil Carter