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Want to keep me from starving? Recently, it's been a challenge being able to keep my head above water financially and recent on-going medical issues and living expenses has made that more difficult than it was in the past (despite being a complete and total cheap ass) and Amazon's constant trimming of the KU page count certainly hasn't helped. I'm never one to ask for charity, hell, I don't even like advertising since I never want to bug people, but after taking a look at Patreon, and seeing that I can give shit back in exchange for some support to help me with the monthly essentials, I've decided to say fuck it and give it a shot.

So, with your help, even if it's something small, I can continue making writing my full-time job, and in exchange, I can say thanks in my own personal way. I'm new to all this stuff, so I'll be adding more bonus cool shit.

If you still want to help but that's not your thing, I also have an Amazon wishlist to help with shit like paper towel or stuff for my cats (wouldn't it be cool to say to your friends "Oh yeah, Quil Carter. I bought him toilet paper once.") Everything helps. I live on a strict budget and don't even drive, so any contribution will go straight towards such essentials as eating and paying rent lol. My goal is to just break even right now so I can keep writing full-time and bring you guys books at the same speed as I have been doing these last few years.

  • New Note: Instacart is now in my area. If you want to toss me a gift card to get some groceries, you can send me one via instacart to this email: Dekker@ymail.com. There is also a Skip the Dishes in my area, so if you want to buy me dinner tonight you can also use the same email and send over a gift card. If you do any of these things please include your own email if you can so I can message you my thanks.



Amazon Wishlist

To my god among the cultist contributors who I will forever be indebt to.

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