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Silent Ground Part 1 physical copy out.

Hey guys!

Silent Ground Part 1 is now available in paperback! I'm really in love with how it turned out, and as always, mad credit goes to my friend Christina for doing the cover jacket! She always makes these back covers look amazing. I'm lucky as hell to have her. I'm not sure if Silent Ground Part 1's physical book is linked to Amazon yet, if, not it will be tomorrow at the latest most likely. It is currently on createspace though.

Like announced yesterday, part 2 is right around the corner too, only 8 more days. That will conclude Silent Ground and the next book you'll see from me will either be Fallocaust Short Stories or Fallocaust book 4 'A God Among Insects'. A God Among Insects is going great. We're at 230,000 words currently. As usual, I have no idea how big this book is going to be, but considering I still feel like I just started it, we're definitely looking at The Suicide King size (which ended up being over 560,000 words). Maybe we'll reach 600k? Or maybe Rosa will get her wish and we'll finally be in three volume territory lol. I'm really loving writing AGAI, a lot of scenes that I have been seeing perfectly in my head are now down on paper and I couldn't be happier with them, and one character particularly that I've been dying to write, is turning out just as fucked up and hilariously crazy as I was hoping he would. I know you guys will love this book, and as always, I am writing as fast as I can lol.

But until book 4 comes out, you have Silent Ground to keep you occupied!