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The Suicide King Volume 2 is coming!

Here we go again!

The Suicide King Volume 2 will be released January 11th 2016. I'm not going to post the little blurb here since I know some of you haven't finished Volume 1 yet, but it's coming!

The Amazon page is still being created but it appears to work, not sure if the pre-orders are working yet but they might be, and if not, they will be soon. The Suicide King Volume 2 is almost as big as Volume 1, for a grand total of 557,000 words! This is my 6th book release in under two years (though Breaking Jade was completed before Fallocaust Book 1's release and The Gods' Games was partially done) and a grand total of 1,971,000 words (ish). Yes, I am indeed insane, and yes, my head hurts. 2016 will have A God Among Insects released, Book 3's companion book, and hopefully a TGG book, either Book 2 or a prequel I've been wanting to write for the past 12 years. After that (or before TGG's book, I don't know quite yet) will be Book 4! And I can go through this madness all over again.

I hope everyone had an awesome Christmas, I definitely did, and that everyone has great plans for New Years.

Amazon Link: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B019YQBPFE