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The Suicide King is out!

Happy Release Day, Everyone!

Over 7 months ago, on May 5th, I started writing The Suicide King, and now the day has come where it gets pried from my clingy talons and given to my readers. This book has turned out to be my biggest project to date, with the final page count being 557,113 towering over Book 2's 405,000. Going into it, I never expected it to grow to this size, but well, as the series goes on and more characters are added, their storylines get added too and as does the book size. I hope Book 4 won't be this huge, because my god this book almost killed me! But I also said that about Book 2 and look what happened lol.

For 7 months now The Suicide King has been a companion on my laptop, the Word document always open and always there, waiting to be written and waiting to be read, and it does sting a little bit when the day comes that the book is complete, and it gets added to all my other completed books in my main folder. It's a good hurt though, because it means I fulfilled my goal, and I have another awesome book I can give to my devoted readers. It's also always great to start a new project, and now A God Among Insects, my next book (a stand-alone book I have mentioned before), has taken that place on my laptop, and is calling for me to keep writing it as I type this.

It's hard saying goodbye to my boys, and every time I finish a Fallocaust book there is a mourning period. It will be months before I go back to the greywastes and Skyfall, and even then it'll be through the eyes of Elish and not Reaver and Killian, but in order to move on and get one step closer to writing Book 4, it has to be done, but I still feel like those boys take a piece of me with every book I complete. Fallocaust is my life, it has my heart, and I love those characters and that world more than anything. When the day comes that the series is completed, I'll probably need to be committed.

So, here it is, Volume 1 of The Suicide King, Book 3 of The Fallocaust Series. In a few day’s time, I will be releasing the cover for volume 2 and the release date as well, and you'll get to read the chaotic but awesome conclusion to Book 3. After this, for the series anyways, will be Elish's companion book which will be called Garden of Spiders, and for non-series books, I will be releasing next A God Among Insects, a thriller/suspense/horror book I started in my late teens and have been meaning to complete for some time now. Once those two books are completed I'm hoping to start working on either Book 2 of The Gods' Games, or a prequel about Anagin's life during the Black War and after, no name for that one yet. And then onto Book 4! Yes, it's a lot of work, and I'll be grey as a mule once I'm done all of it, but writing is my life, and though I know I take on way too much work, I wouldn't have it any other way.

Enjoy The Suicide King Volume 1, Volume 2 is right around the corner, and sorry in advance for the tears, but though there may be tears, I also promise laughter, suspense, HOLY CRAP moments, and a whole lot of aww. Thank you for continuing this journey with me, for making my dreams of being a writer come true, and for being the best readers a guy could ask for.

I'd also like to take this moment to make a small request. If you do have the Kindle Unlimited program, if you could, please borrow my books free through them. They recently switched to a pay-per-pages-read program instead of per borrow, and as you can guess, since my books are huge, there are a lot of pages. Because of the KU program, since my old job has decided to take a nosedive, I've been able to pay my bills and continue working from home, something I wouldn't have been able to do without the program. I know a lot of people like having their own personal copies of my books, but if you do have the KU program, and if it isn't too much trouble, please also borrow them on there, so I don't have to go working at McDonalds or someplace equally horrible lol. My days are devoted to writing and I'd love to keep it that way.

Thanks again, my awesome readers. Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and as Big Shot would say... Kah!

Sincerely, Quil

Third Update at 6:22 PM: We're number one! And out of the millions of books on Amazon, The Suicide King Volume 1 ranks at 4,169, and that doesn't even include the pre-orders. Thanks you guys for making this possible.