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Silent Ground Part 2 is coming!

Silent Ground Part 2 coming next week! Friday July 21st.

The conclusion is coming! No pre-order this time, since it's only a week away, it'll be available on Amazon next Friday, whenever Amazon decides to approve the manuscript lol usually takes like 12 hours from me submitting it, but because of that I can't narrow down time.

So, here it is, the grisly, fucked up conclusion to Silent Ground. I hope everyone is enjoying the book so far, I loved writing it and loved finally giving Sasha, Kheva, and Kel a voice. I've never been good at ending a book, I'm much more comfortable with series since I don't need to let go then (at least not for a long while). So, probably in the future there may be a prequel of some kind, since I'm much too attached to some of these characters lol. Typical Quil just can't fucking let go, which is probably why I made so many of Fallocaust's characters immortal.

Also, look for an announcement tomorrow for the physical edition of Silent Ground, it's coming too!