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Garden of Spiders Volume 2 is coming!

The time is nigh! Garden of Spiders Volume 2 will be released December 20th. Pre-orders also available now.

After many many months, and many more months editing and rewriting, it's finally fucking finished. A Word document that has been on my laptop for so long is now closed, and it's onward to the next project!


The Dekker family is enjoying the longest stretch of calm they’ve had in years. But at what cost? Elish is a veritable slave with no will of his own, and although his siblings and his sengil wish for the old Elish to return, the man in question is adamant that he’s happier this way. Even though Silas treats him like a dog, mental slavery is better than depression and eventual suicide, right?

However, it seems that Elish may soon not have a choice. Forces outside of the family are hard at work, and someone from Elish’s distant past is determined to turn him into the man he once was.

No matter the consequences.