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Silent Ground Part 2 is live!

Silent Ground Part 2 is live everyone!

It's all done! It's finally done and my newest baby is out of my hands and into the hands and heads of my readers. I hope everyone enjoys the conclusion of this fucked up, twisted book; I sure did love writing it (well, most of th time. Sometimes I just want to rip my hair out lol). Now it's full steam ahead on Fallocaust book 4, which I'm working on every day, and of course, Fallocaust Short stories.

What are you doing still here? Go and read!


The blurb:

At one point in time, Sasha thought that just being told he wasn’t crazy would be good enough for him. After years of thinking he was losing his mind, being understood and accepted seemed like a pipe dream. But now, Sasha’s living with two men with abilities like him, Kheva and Kel Swift, two men who know what he’s going through. However, this lakeside house is no vacation. Sasha is being abused and tortured in the worst way, and the only reason he’s been given as to why, is that it’s supposedly growing his powers.

Powers that are now responsible for killing someone like them, another nightcrawler.

This is madness, all of this is madness. Revenge is sweet, but murder? Sasha is beginning to realize he’s been brought into something that far outreaches the insanity he had signed up for.

And Rob. What about Rob? While Sasha is being trained by Kheva, Rob is the voice in the back of his head urging Sasha to free him. But there’s something about Rob that Sasha is uncomfortable with, and he starts suspecting that there might be more to this story than he’s been told.

And back home, Lex and Jobe have teamed up with Ian Lariat, a private investigator, and Ian’s younger brother Nate. Nate once had close ties to Kel, and is just as determined as Jobe and Lex to bring their loved ones home where they belong. But determination can only go so far, and they will soon learn that nothing good comes from messing with Kheva, or who Kheva has deemed his property.