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Silent Ground Part 1 is Live!

Silent Ground Part 1 is LIVE!


It's out, it's released, it's out of my clingy, control freak hands and now into yours. These characters I created when I was nothing but a screwed up teenager newly living on his own with only dial-up internet and a crappy old desktop to keep him company, has been gussied up and polished, and is finally ready to see the world.


Before Fallocaust, I'd 'written' or at least partially written, three books, The Gods' Games, Silent Ground, and a book called DN Die starring twins named Sky and Perish (after realizing I'd most likely never finish that book, I decided to transfer them to Fallocaust. I wanted those guys to be seen still). Each one of those books explored a different side of me, and it has been an interesting and fascinating road re-writing TGG and SG to make them good, solid books. This is it though, unless I go insane and decide to rewrite DN Die (Oh god, dont let me do that... it is pretty damn interesting though) this is it for my 'pre-Fallocaust' books. Which is good in a way, since I have way too many great ideas for future books!


I hope that everyone enjoys Silent Ground as much as I loved writing it. It was a trip being able to go back into my head and dig up all the ideas I had for this book. If there's one piece of advice I could give for this book, it is to read it carefully.You might pick up on some rather interesting things if you watch out for them.


So there it is, Silent Ground Part 1 is out. Like I've previously said, part 2 is weeks away, not months. It's pretty much all done, and the cover is done too. I'm now working on book 4 of Fallocaust, and hope you all will join me there soon.


Happy Reading!


Purchase here! Also available for free if you have KU. KU is my friend since I make such large books, so feel more than welcome to read it on there. I do end up making more money lol (which means I can stay home and write more books!)