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Garden of Spiders is FINISHED!

IT'S FINISHED! I'm happy to announce Garden of Spiders is finished. Now onto the part that makes me pull out my hair in chunks... the editing!

This book was definitely something else. It ended up being a lot larger than I thought it would be and will be the first two volume companion book. I suppose knowing Elish this is no surprise that he would demand a bigger book, and it's also no surprise that I will have to do a Garden of Spiders 2 like I had said previously. GoS2 will deal with the later half of Elish's life, something I unfortunately wasn't able to get to in book 1, but that's in the way off future.

So it's coming! How it usually works is once I'm done my editing and my beta readers are well into it, I'll be making the release date announcement with the preorder up and the cover reveal. I have a cover I might like, but I also might make a few other ones until I come across one I really like.

So sit tight, guys, Elish is coming. I'll be working even harder now for the next month getting this book up to snuff and making it everything I always dreamed it will be. Editing is so much more stressfull than writing; I'm putting bets on at least two mental breakdowns before volume 2's release.

Now I get to celebrate with cheesecake, as is tradition.