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Garden of Spiders excerpt

Hello Everyone!

As promised on my facebook, here is the first two chapters of Garden of Spiders the book I'm currently working on and Book 3's companion book. You can find it right on the main navigation area of my website under 'Garden of Spiders Excerpt' it'll be up until the book's release.

I'm really enjoying writing this book. Elish is such a complex character and he has so many things going on in his head. It's been challenging to live inside of his mind, and seeing the intricate and complicated relationship he has, and has had, with Silas since the beginning. Elish is a complicated duck to say the least, but just like all of my characters, he has a reason for being who he is. I'm looking forward to sharing this book with the world, and offering some insight on one of Fallocaust's most dynamic and powerful characters.


Happy reading!