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The Suicide King except + updates on The Gods' Games

Hello lovelys,

I have been really busy with The Suicide King and a quiet Quil is a hard working Quil. Actually that's not entirely true I got my Xbox One on Friday so a few hours has been devoted to The Elder Scrolls Online (If anyone has an xbox add me: MassChaotic).

So, just to show how much I appreciate all of you, instead of a small except I am posting Chapters 2 and 3 of The Suicide King. Elish and Reaver's. I was going to just do Reaver's but in truth Reaver spends a lot of that chapter monologing since he has no one else to talk to and I wanted to include one with a little more plot action not just Reaver being happy and giddy (even though it's so cute). Of course, don't read this if you're not caught up on the books!

Also, most of you won't care about this I'll post it anyways. The Gods' Games isn't going to be split up into vol 1 and 2 in respects to it being two separate books. I figured out how to hyperlink inside of the kindle/kobo/whatever so I'm splitting it up but selling it as one whole book with links to vol 2 in the beginning. The price will eventually go up but for now since it's new and I just want people to read it, it'll stay at 4.60 US. BUT there are going to be two versions. The Gods' Games was never meant to have graphic sex because I wanted it to be able to reach a wider audience. Whereas a lot of people would be okay having gay main characters I'm not an idiot, I understand graphic gay sex might turn off people even if I personally highly recommend it. My beta readers got the 'graphic' version with the sex scene I wrote as more of a 'I know you guys will like it so I'll leave it in but I'll eventually take it out' sort of thing. I've gotten good feedback on it cause ya'll are weird like me so I've decided to release a 'Graphic Version' and on release day will also be releasing a 'Not-So Graphic Version' which will still have fondling and some sexual things but no full on, detailed sex like you see in Fallocaust. Like I said I want TGG to reach a wider audience than Fallocaust and TGG was never meant to have graphic sex in it anyways, BUT I am now 26 years old, I write differently than I did when I was writing the basis for TGG. Book 2 and on most likely will contain more sex, darker themes ect, so this also frees me up to have my cake and eat it too. I can write my graphic version and then for the milk drinkers I can edit out the elf-on-elf rape (that hasnt happened yet but, eh, it's me) and they don't have to be squidged out. This gives me a hell of a lot more creative freedom and hopefully will lead to TGG being recommended to more people.

Um, okay, what else... I don't think there's anything. Oh, I am going to be putting The Gods' Games in the KU program but like I said before you can still buy it normally on Amazon. For my non kindle users you'll not be forgotten. I am tossing around the idea of either releasing TGG a few days early on smashwords until July 6th to give people a chance to buy it, or/and putting a 'mystery box' for sale on the FalloShop so I can bypass Amazon's search bot who'll ding me for having it for sale anywhere else, and i also have paypal. So never fear, you'll still be able to get a copy and I can do my little KU experiment.

2 more weeks until The Gods' Games comes out! AH! Time for the anxiety to come back!


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