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The FallloShop is open!


I have been meaning to get around to doing this and I finally did it! Last month I was dickin' around looking at print sites because I wanted a bookmark for my Fallocaust physical books since I like thumbing through them but since they're massive they're always closing on me. Since they wouldn't print me just one I decided to just print a bunch, and as I designed one for myself I got the idea to just order a fuckload of them. As the days went on I designed more bookmarks, then I found out they had magnets and decided to design some of them as well (though the fois ras one and the dek'ko one is curtosy of Christina). I also ordered some fancy fuck tassels from Amazon too which comes with every bookmark (and in your choice of colour!).

As time goes on I'll be adding new things to it. They had coasters but they were too expensive so I said fuck it, but they also have notebooks I can make, or stress balls,pens, shirts, neat shit like that. Also every order will get delivered in custom fallocaust #10 envelopes because, yeah, I couldn't stop ordering shit. I even have Fallocaust address labels now! FALLOCAUST ALL THE THINGS!

This will also help pay for my Quil Carter site. Since I made the chimera glossery I had to upgrade my plan so they're currently raping me every month. Everything else goes towards hookers, err I mean cat food.

Signed bookmarks also availble. Autographed in silver pen (ohhh, silver pen, pretty)