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The Gods' Games is now live!

The Gods' Games is now out and live! Both versions too.

Graphic Edition:


Not-So Graphic Edition:


The pre-orders have now been released as well and I can sit back and celebrate while everyone reads! Well, for a few hours anyways because quite frankly I'm at an awesome part of The Suicide King so I have been ignoring my partner and best friend in favour for writing until my fingers bleed! I hope everyone loves this book and falls in love with the characters like I have. 

For many years The Gods' Games was a file getting moved from computer to computer and every time I looked at it I would feel guilt that this incompleted book was just sitting there collecting dust when it had so much potential. But every time I'd look at it I would see my writing style from years ago, my shitty grammar, and something that I knew would take a lot of work to bring up to readable standards. Finally when I was in my early twenties I rewrote it, but then Fallocaust came and barrelled itself into my life and it was put aside again but at least in much better condition. Now after a lot of hard work I am seeing something so many years in the making finally released. 

In truth I'm glad it took this long, because I wouldn't have been able to do the story or my characters justice if I released it even last year with Fallocaust, because I have learned so much in the last year since releasing my first book. The Gods' Games started out differently, Ben was in his 30s and a lawyer, and none of them had a sexual preferrence due to me just not being comfortable as a teen writing gay characters (the first time doing so was in a future book I'll be releasing hopefully in the next year). Erick had only a few chapters and there wasn't even any swearing due to my wish for it to be read by a wider audience. 

Now as you can see, it's much different and what the book originally started out as is a shadow of what it is now. I wish I could put into better words how much it means to me to see this book released today. It was the first book I wrote with 100% original characters in an original world, not Sonic the Hedgehog, Harry Potter, or X-men fanfiction, something i could really call my very own.

 When I first started writing The Gods' Games (then called something different) I was living on a rural island with generator power that was rarely on. We would turn the generator on for a few hours to keep the freezers cold and to charge the inverters and whenever he did I would go to where the desktop computer was, bundled up in the middle of winter and write this book with my fingers numb in a cold building on the property. I just had to write everything I had thought of the previous night, even if I was doing it while being able to see my breath. And when I moved into my first apartment at 17, I brought this book with me on a red floppy disk and wrote from my desktop so old and so shitty it had 4gb of hard drive space.

 So enjoy this book, I know for my m/m romance readers who might not usually read fantasy it might be different than what you're used to reading, but I hope you will love it anyways. This is a day I will never forget, the day The Gods' Games finally got published.
Happy Reading.