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Malachy's Pheromone Bracelets!

Malachy's Pheromone Bracelets! Now for sale in the FalloShop.

Guaranteed to deter beezlebub bees! If you put these on, you will never ever see a single giant beezlebub bee for as long as you live. What a good deal! These bracelets are usually reserved for the most important of Candyland players, so get yours today for only 4 bucks (plus shipping).

They come in a bunch of colours, some even glow-in-the-dark! They say 'Welcome to Candyland - Good Luck' on them. I'm also going to make them smell nice, because I like nice-smelling things. I hope ya'll like cologne (I mean they are pheromone bracelets after all) because that's all I have available lol.

If you're in the top two tiers of my patreon thinger, or have been a third tier for a while, I'm going to be sending you one of these for free. I'm going to make that announcement on patreon either later tonight or tomorrow. Not just a bracelet but some of the top ones will also get some new stickers and magnets as well.

Oh and I also have new magnets too, Garden of Spiders Vol 1 and A God Among Insects Vol 1.