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Physical books for Volume 2 now available!

We have physical books!

The hardcopy books for A God Among Insects Volume 2 are now available. I approved the book proof last night so it might not be on Amazon yet, but if not it should be there soon.

I also have some neat new Fallocaust merchandise that is going to be up for sale in the Falloshop, but also given away as a reward for some of my Patreons too. That will be announced tomorrow. Hint? It has to do with our wonderful Malachy ;)


And the Patreon link: https://www.patreon.com/quilcarter Support me today and you'll get some pretty awesome stuff. Depending on the tier you'll get anything from hand drawn and coloured Fallocaust characters (whoever you want, I'm at your command), magnets, signed bookmarks, stickers, and the new stuff coming up tomorrow. Plus raffles for signed books too.Oh and of course the thank-you cards which I drew myself too.

As for a Volume 3 update. Working on the last chapter now, and since the cover is complete, it won't be too long now!