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A God Among Insects Volume 2 is coming!

Fallocaust Book 4 A God Among Insects Volume 2 is coming! It'll be released July 27th 2018.

Here you go, guys! It's on it's way. This should give me enough time to read through it (again) and make sure everything is syncing up nicely. Damn, every series book just gets more complicated with these interweaving storylines and so many POV characters, but it's almost done and it'll be well worth it once it's all finished. This book is bigger than volume 1 too, and jesus fuck, so much happens! So prepare yourself, it's going to be a ride!

Pre-order here: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07F3HL5KC


There is no denying it now, something is happening to Elish. Jade doesn’t know what is going on with his husband, he only knows Elish is hiding something from him – and that the new king’s mind is slipping.
Too bad there’s nothing Jade can do about it, considering they’re both prisoners of an insane clone named Malachy. Not only prisoners, but the two of them, along with Reno, Caligula, and Ceph, are now forced to play the insane man’s game. It is a game that could leave the mortals dead, and the immortals trapped for god knows how long.

Which would be just fine with Jack, Kessler, and Nero, who have their own plans back in Skyfall.

Meanwhile, unaware of the chaos his family is in, King Silas is still running around the greywastes and the plaguelands with Sky. He is loving spending time with the man he’d obsessed over for so long, but the O.L.S isn’t perfect – far from it, actually. Sky is showing weird behaviour, and every once in a while, none other than Perish appears warning Silas that Sky is up to something.
But Sky says it’s just a glitch, and that Silas should ignore Perish. Sky wouldn’t lie to him… right?

And miles away from the greywastes, Reaver has found himself inside of a mysterious tower surrounded by an abandoned city. The owner of this skyscraper is an old man named Bastian, who claims to be the person who’d created born immortals. Naturally, Reaver doesn’t care, but Bastian has a secret that will have Reaver and Killian stopping at nothing to return to Skyfall – along with two nightcrawlers just as desperate to find the city.


There you guys go. I hope you all love this one as much as I loved writing it (well, most of the time). And the cover too, I had fun with it... creepy fucking proxy eye.

AGAI Vol. 2 medium COMPLETE.jpg