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Only a few more days!!

It is now out of my hands! The final copy of A God Among Insects Volume 2 has been submitted. Well, it was submitted yesterday, the 23rd, at 4:57pm. When was the deadline that Amazon gave me to submit it? July 23rd 5:00pm lol.

I decided about 5 1/2 days before the deadline that I wanted to do another readthrough, and thus started the marathon. The first three days wasn't as bad since I was able to get a lot of stuff done but still talked to a few people and watched some TV, but with 3 days left and seeing how much I still had to get done... it was crunch time. I had 15 hour days, and then after one of those 15 hour days, I slept for 4 hours, then literally sat in my damn recliner for the next 25 hours (I'm not even exaggerating here lol Well, I mean I did pee and all that) to do the last ten chapters that I had. We're talking reading, editing, rewriting, it was crazy but I was determined to get it done. Also during this time, I ignored my friends, my boyfriends, my housecleaning and more than a couple times cats were told to stick it places when they decided to serenade me loudly for reasons unknown. BUT I got it done! Even after I was done with the chapters, I went back and read through more stuff until I had 3 minutes to spare. 

At least it was good for my pocket book too, literally not going outside meant I saved a ton of money! I had a good 15 day streak of not spending a dime going on before breaking it last night.

So, only a few more days until A God Among Insects Volume 2 is released and in your hands. As these books go on, there's just so much more to them, so Ive definitely been finding that I have to be more careful, there's just so many little small things to keep track of.

Im going to take a couple days off now lol I woke up a few hours ago from a 12 hour sleep after the end of the last 25 hour stretch, and Im going to catch up with all the people Ive been ignoring, buy some food, have a drink or two, and play a video game that came in the mail last week.

Enjoy guys! And enjoy the 'Note from Quil' at the end, it's a bit weird since I was incredibly exhausted and sleep deprived. But well, Im sure it adds charm lol.