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A God Among Insects coming April 27th 2018

A God Among Insects Volume 1 coming April 27th 2018.

It's finally on its way! And see, I'm not going to make you guys wait too long. It's been a long time coming, and I know this book will not disappoint and that it will be worth the wait.

Here's the blurb and all of that:

Two months after what is now known as ‘The Proxy Incident’ has every chimera who was present during Elish’s discipline living in fear. Elish and Jade are taking great joy in personally crafting punishments for the family members that have wronged them, and without Silas to stop the two, they’re free to do whatever they want.

But though Jade has been having fun being involved in Elish’s plans, the more time that goes on, the more Jade realizes there is something wrong with his husband. Elish isn’t acting like his normal self, and on top of that, Jade suspects the new King of Skyfall is hiding something from him.

And far away from Skyfall, Reaver and Killian are both trapped in a distant land, with an unexpected third party. Not only do they have to try and make their way back to civilization in a land of mutated monsters and proxy worms, but Reaver finds himself drawn off of their planned path towards someone unknown: a suspected born immortal who has left them a trail of macabre bread crumbs.


Available for pre-order right now https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07BJKBCP3

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