Quil Carter

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It's coming soon!

Well, the last 9 chapters of Volume 1 are in the hands of my awesome, sexy, hard-working beta readers, which means all I have left now is to get the cover done. I do actually have some ideas for it too, so who knows... you guys might be having a cover reveal and a release date sooner than you think.

And yes, it's official, it will be a three volume book. I will have to make three covers lol. I was able to tweek the ending of volume 1 to make it end on a pretty good place. That was the biggest pain in the ass since, as you know, each volume always ends on a good part and I had to tweek it and basically shift it so the cliff hangery part ends on another story ark.

But it's coming, like I said, as soon as the cover is done I'll have nothing holding me back from announcing the release date. So, keep an eye out, A God Among Insects Volume 1 is right around the corner.