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The Gods' Games Excerpt

I am halfway through my read-through and since the end is in sight and soon it will be out of my hands and in the hands of the beta readers, I thought I would post my first excerpt of the much heard about and hopefully anticipated The Gods' Games Series Book One!
This read-through is going slowly, mostly due to me reading it really carefully and not reading late at night when I'm dead tired and will most likely miss everything. I also am working on several other Fallocaust projects which is also slowing down my progress but, like I said, the end is in sight! Once I pass it off to the first wave of beta readers (a week I'm guessing). I will be doing the cover reveal and also the release date which I'm thinking will be the end of June. 2 months I reckon is more than enough time for the betas to do their beta thing. THEN IT'S ON TO BOOK 3! I'm fucking eager as all hell to get to it. It's frustrating that reading is going so slow because I'm done editing and I'm done reading and I want to start writing again! My soul is dying, it's been too long since I wrote a Fallocaust book!
What's in this excerpt? What the hell is this book even about? It's about a guy named Ben Zahn, a drug dealer and a drug user, whose brother vanished without a trace four years previous. During a routine drug purchase Ben sees a man with silver hair who was also the last man that Ben's brother Erick was seen with. Ben becomes obsessed with finding this man and ultimately his search brings him to the top of an abandoned building where he meets Teal, a strange young man who seems to know exactly why Ben was lured there. After a brief conversation Teal takes Ben's hand and, to Ben's shock, Teal jumps off of the building, taking Ben with him.
When Ben wakes up, he's in a different world, and not only that... he finds out that his brother Erick is not only in Alcove as well - he's the Draken King. A rebel king who mysteriously appeared four years ago with three high priests and a powerful army and overthrew Alcove's king.
And no, Ben has no idea how the hell his drug-addicted, lowlife, loser of a brother managed it.
In this excerpt you'll find Ben already in Alcove with Teal. He has been transformed into an elf species called a hibrid. Which is like an elf except some subtil differences, like sharp retractable claws and pointed teeth. He has only been conscious for several days and is still getting used to the world around him. This excerpt, which is Chapter 8, his simply called 'Squirrel Hunting'.

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