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The Gods' Games Series is completed!

Over 12 years ago I sketched an elf on the margin of a piece of paper and I named him Teal. He was quickly joined by Ben and Malagant and soon an entire world had formed in my head. As time went on and I grew up, this book kept being put on the back burner as other book ideas came to me and refused to leave.

When I would come back to this book, I would re-write it, more confident in writing about gay characters, more confident writing without the fear of what people would think of me, and hopeful that 'this time' I would finish it and publish it. Though the same thing would always happen... I'd rewrite some of it, but Fallocaust would call me back, or before Fallocaust another book would call me back. My elves, my Alcove, my hibrids, Dashavians, Malkah, Evercovians would be put way for years. This filled me with a lot of guilt, since The Gods' Games was the first book I ever seriously wrote not just half-hearted fanfiction. I felt like I was abandoning a childhood friend for the cool new kids and leaving him in the dust.

This series isn't Fallocaust and it shouldn't be compared to Fallocaust when you read it. Does it have gay characters? Yes, obviously! Does it have romance in it? Yes, though it's not center stage. Does it have sex? Not as detailed and in your face as Fallocaust but it does, yes. Does it have plot twists, mind fucks, and will most likely give you nightmares? Of course!

Will it have a fuck load more of all of the above when I finally write Book 2? Fuck yes, because I'm a different person now and though I can re-write and add knew scenes I cant change where the characters were emotionally or how they acted towards each other. So though Book 1 may be different than what you're used to, there is no escaping my nature, future books will be more attune to what you're used to coming from me.

This book has been through many transformations because with every polish and partial rewrite I had grown up. You can probably pinpoint the point in this book where I became the sick-in-the-head manic person I am today. This book is 12 years in the making and I'm looking forward (after Book 3 of Fallocaust and Elish's companion book) to FINALLY writing a new book instead of constantly dickering over this one.

I feel like a chapter in my life that had always remained open is finally closed, because I can now officially copy paste the last words I just wrote in that Word file.


No release date yet, Im not even sure when Im handing it off to the betas I might do another read-through first since this world is just as, if not more, in-depth and detailed as the fallocaust world. But it's done, 12 years later it's finally done, and I can tackle Book 3 with a weight off of my shoulders.
Holy crap I finally fucking did it.