Quil Carter

Imagination is the only weapon in the war against reality


My fourth book and the second companion book in The Fallocaust Series is now released! This book details the early life of Sanguine 'Sami' Dekker and his journey from being a little baby found under a porch to the chimera he is today.

I'm really proud of this book and how it turned out. It was a tough one to write at times but in the end I feel like I accheived what I originally set out to do. I am writing the companion books as a way for the reader to get all sides of the story. I want you to understand the reasons behind some of the chimeras actions and see why they are who they are. In The Fallocaust Series there is no good and evil, there is no black and white. Even the 'bad guy' King Silas has a reason for being the unstable, possessive, cruel king he is today. If I only wrote the main series my readers wouldn't get the whole side of the story, and what glimpses into the 'Skyfall residing' characters you did get would've been rushed and not properly explored. Just think of how much less you'd know of Elish, Jade, and King Silas without Breaking Jade! You wouldn't even know who Garrett was or what Skyfall looked like. But with the companion books you get a full look into the other side of the series that isn't rushed or told as an off-hand third person POV, and like Breaking Jade, Severing Sanguine does just that.

Severing Sanguine will make you laugh, cry, swear at me, and it will most likely change your views on certain characters as well. It takes place 70 and 50 years before the main series so you'll also get to see how the family lived many years ago, and how much their personalities have changed over the years as well. 
I couldn't be more happy with this book and I think you will be too. Be warned though, as with all of my books Severing Sanguine can be extremely dark at times, it deals with sensitive subject matter and holds little back. It is definitely a Quil Carter book that's for sure.

And I know you'll love it.