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The Suicide King is completed.

It's done. The Suicide King is completed.

Well, pretty much completed. I need to do the prologue and a bit of the ending but like Severing Sanguine, and Book 2, I'll eventually rewrite the ending anyways once I'm done editing, so I'm calling it in and saying it's done, and moving onto editing! Yesterday almost killed me, I was writing all day and wrote 9,186 god damn words. I wanted to have it finished and at 1 in the morning I finally achieved that, holy fuck did my eyes hurt from staring at that damn screen! So I had no Halloween lol

Fuck, this was one long fucking book, guys. I was guessing 500,000 but it ended up taking longer to put in everything I wanted to have in it and end it the way I wanted to end. The final count you ask? 550,000 and it'll grow after the prologue and ending, plus I wanted to put in a chapter in the beginning of volume two. So look at and end count at around 560,000. The longest thing I've ever written and ever will write.

Obviously it'll be split up into two volumes. The first one will be around 300,000 the second 260,000. Right now I'm just going to concentrate on getting volume 1 out and then worry about volume 2. I've told myself I won't rush this book or rush my betas even though my mind is screaming at me to get it out by 2015, the only person demanding I get it done quickly is me. I know all of you don't mind waiting and everyone has been so understanding even though the past week I've been tearing out my hair and going manic with stress.

I hope you like The Suicide King. This book deals with a lot of emotion and all the main characters go through changes. It has some sad moments, happy moments, and moments that hopefully make you laugh out loud. You'll see your favourite characters get brought to their knees, and others finally see some redemption. You'll also see the chess pieces get moved around the board, and family dynamics change within the Dekker family when powerful figures are suddenly gone and those who stayed in the shadows are forced to stand up and lead. The Suicide King also answers a lot of questions brought up in Book 2, and, of course, gives you a whole new set of mysteries to try and unravel before Book 4.

So, it's finally done, it's finished, but since I'm also my own editor my work isn't done (it never is) and now it's time to read through it and bring it from first draft to final, then its off to the betas and then your hands. Thank you for all of your support in the last several months and I hope The Suicide King lives up to all expectations.

Release date and cover reveal will be when I'm done editing, so look for it in the next couple weeks. I'll most likely be setting up pre-orders at that time too.