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Volume 1 of The Suicide King is now done!

(I actually finished volume 1 a few days ago but I've been bad with updating things since I've been up to my ears in The Suicide King, but here it is now!)

End of Volume 1

Well, The Fallocaust Series Book 3 'The Suicide King' Volume 1 is officially done! And like I suspected its clocked in at 301,000 words! It ended with a bang, literally, and now I can move into Volume 2 and wrap up this crazy adventure the boys are currently on, after throwing a few wrenches in their path too, of course.

The Suicide King is definitely a good name for this book. A lot of our beloved characters are on a path of destruction, all in their own unique way. TSK Volume 1 has been nicknamed by me as 'Destruction' whereas Volume 2 is going to be 'Redemption'. Each of our boys have caught on fire and have burned in one way or another, but Volume 2 will show each one crawl out of the cinders and become greater versions of themselves. As Mario Puzo who wrote The Godfather is quoted as saying "Great men are not born great, they grow great." and that is one way you can describe what I have done in Volume 1. During The Fallocaust Series and their companion books you are introduced to characters described as flawless, and men who have reached their prime and have the ego to back it up. You have Elish an elegant demigod who commands respect and dominates his brothers and all of Skyfall with an iron fist wrapped in silk, Reaver, our dark chimera, who prides himself on being cruel, heartless, and unbreakable. And Silas, the mental shapeshifter, the puppet master, who controls the world and his family with a wry smirk and a gliding walk; the king who ended the world that is always ten steps ahead of everyone else.

But unfortunately these three, and all of the boys, are about to be tested. Men who once were seen as unstoppable will be stopped, those deemed shatterproof will be shattered, and the higher these men are, the longer and harder they will be falling. It'll be a hard journey to go on with them, but in the end all who writhe in the ashes will rise from them, and when they turn their greatest weaknesses into their most powerful of strengths, only then will they truly be worthy of the titles they so freely put on themselves. The Suicide King is about loss, it is about recovery; it is about swallowing their pride to save themselves and those they love, and accepting that they might not be as perfect as they thought they were.

But with self-awareness comes power, and the moment these boys realize that admitting weakness and your own faults will lead them to become even stronger than they once were... it will truly be a sight to see. And they're going to need this newly realized strength. They're going to need to cauterize their weaknesses and learn to rely on their partners for strength and power... because in the shadows a greater threat is growing, one that doesn't threaten just one or two chimeras, but every single one of them.
Immortal and mortal alike.

And it's on to Volume 2!

I also want to apologize for slacking on updating the chimera glossery and the FalloCats, plus I have been wanting to add a fanart page. The Suicide King has been taking all of my attention and I have been having some health issues also zapping my energy. But I am going to try and update the Chimera Glossery and eventually will be adding a glossery for The Gods' Games which will consist of things like kingdom names, races, animals, things like that and eventually some family trees and character bios. But I already have a heaping plate right now finishing The Suicide King, chimera glossery, editing and all of that so this is definitely a future project. 

Happy Reading Everyone!

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