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Patreon Post!

Hey Everyone!


So, it has been over a year since I’ve made a post about it since I always shy away from such things because I feel bad doing it, but I’ve been told to suck it up and do it anyway (by a few people lol). I wanted to make a post about my Patreon page that I have up: https://www.patreon.com/quilcarter. It’s basically to help keep my ass out of the poor house, especially with summer coming up which is murder for authors (all those people outside being ‘social’ and having ‘lives’ and having fun with ‘nature’ instead of being indoors reading like they should!). I have a lot of different rewards for different tiers including getting a thank you card from me (not just a store bought one but one I made myself and got copies made), and Fallocaust merchandise like magnets, bookmarks, stickers, and the coolest one: The top tier will have me hand-drawing you a book character of your choosing, and I even got gifted some fancy markers and fancy papers so it’ll be a pretty nice drawing as well. I also currently hold book raffles for signed books (it should be once a month but it usually ends up being two names every two months). There are also tiers to get your name in the ‘Note from Quil’ section of my latest book as well, and I’m thinking of a few more one time rewards as well (like the ‘Quil is your Slave’ reward where I’ll write you a short story of your choosing. Or something similar to a contest I held a few years ago where you give me the name of someone you hate in your life and I’ll make them into a character and kill them gruesomly in my next book. There’s a certain TV news guy who met a horrible end in Candyland). And sometimes I even give away an upcoming book a few days earlier.

As you can see I really try and make it worth your while if you do join. I also have had an Amazon wishlist up also. Which has on it such wonderful essentials like toilet paper, cat food, kitty litter, batteries, parmesan cheese, chilli, and boxer shorts… and some not essentials like pop and M&Ms since I’m a slut for soda and candy (it makes me write faster).

Anything and everything helps, and I appreciate so much all those who have become patreons, past and present, and everyone who has helped me via the wishlist (it’s like Christmas when I get a package delivered here. I won’t deny that I sometimes dance on the spot). Every cent from my patreon goes towards fun things like rent, bills, and food. I don’t drive, I don’t eat out, and I literally wore a pair of boxer shorts until they were ripped so bad the cloth was hanging half-off the waist band (Seren and Akash can vouche for this, they saw the picture lol), and I do all my clothes shopping once a year at a thrift store (though a very awesome person did buy me underware, socks, and shoes and I’ll love her forever for it. And I have gotten some hilarious and awesome t-shirts from my bestie). Being on my own since I was 17 taught me how to live as cheaply as possible, and I carried that with me throughout the years.

So, there we go, my yearly patreon post. I probably should do it more often but, yeah, I always feel bad about it. I appreciate you guys so much, you’re the best readers/fans/friends someone like me could hope for, and I do hope to continue throwing books at you for a very very long time. It’ll be less than a month until Fallocaust Short Stories comes out, and I know for sure you will all enjoy it.


I hope everyone is having a good spring. You all rock, and I really do appreciate you all from the bottom of my (sometimes dead, sometimes way to feely) heart.