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Fallocaust Trivia Game

Hey Everyone!!


Do you have Google Assistant on your phone or a Google home? If so, I was dickin' around and decided to make a Fallocaust Trivia Game. It was approved last night and anyone can play it by telling your google assistant "I want to talk to the Quil Quiz" I wanted to, of course, call it the Fallocaust Quiz but google assistant does not recognize that word at all lol. I'm pretty proud of it, it's challenging and pretty funny too. I had a great time making the questions. I'm not sure the difficulty level of the Fallocaust Quiz because, well, I dont know what people pay attention to... but I got all the questions right!

Also a note if you're doing it via your phone and can see the text, you'll see I had to spell Elish's name Eelish and Siris's name Seeriss, because google was pronouncing their names wrong (It's EE-LISH not Elle-ish!)

GO PLAY! And tell me your results. I'll be adding new trivia questions too and updating it. OH AND SPOILER ALERT FOR EVERYTHING!!! Seriously, mecha spoilers.