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A God Among Insects Update

Well, there it is. A God Among Insects is indeed bigger than The Suicide King now. I never indended for this to happen, but then I remember back to The Ghost and the Darkness and literally making a post saying "This book is like over 400,000 words so it needs to get put in two volumes, but rest assured, it won't be a trend" Then TSK was 560,000, and nooow AGAI might very well be 600,000. Great for you guys, but I swear these books will kill me one day lol.

So, I do have a conundrum because createspace, where I make my physical books, won't print a book over 820 pages, which, after fucking with some margins, means around 330,000 (and that's pushing it). Right now, AGAI vol. 1 is about 330,000 and I still wanted to add some chapters for characters that need their stories fleshed out a bit more. Unless I come across a part of vol 1 need to cut... I'm going to run into a problem.

But that's Future Quil's problem, and I hate that guy, so I'll let him deal with it.

The end is coming. I'm just tying up those loose ends right now then I'll be writing that last big scene. After that, the fun part of hardcore editing, book covers, beta readers and then finally the release day.

I hope everyone is having a happy holidays. I've been meaning to make a Patreon status post but I'll leave that for tomorrow or the next day (Once again, Future Quil's problem). Now, I'm making a damn drink!