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Fallocaust Book 4 'A God Among Insects' update.

Hey Guys!


Just giving an update on Fallocaust Book 4 A God Among Insects. I'm in the final stretch now, with the book edging near 500,000 words. A lot has happened and a lot is still going to happen, but I'm excited to be approaching the end of the newest installment of The Fallocaust Series. It's been quite a ride, and so far I'm liking how the book has turned out and am looking forward to adding those last "Oh fuck!" moments before writing the final page. No release date yet, but I've been hard and work and am hoping to bring you book 4 soon.

You won't believe what Reaver, Killian, Jade, Elish and Reno are going to experience and go through in this book. There's a lot of character development in this book and I'm excited as fuck to see what everyone thinks about where these guys are going. Also, as mentioned before, there are new characters that I'm utterly in love with (one in particular), that I'm excited about releasing into the world.


Even though I've been busy with book 4, I'm still (slowly) working on Fallocaust Short Stories too. I don't think it'll be out before A God Among Insects like I hoped, but I'm still wanting to have it out soon after.


And next, once book 4 and Fallocaust Short Stories are out, it'll be onto book 2 of The Gods' Games. Now that one I'm psyched about getting to. I miss Ben, Teal, Malagant, and Anagin and Josiah too. It'll be hard to leave the Fallocaust world for a few months, but Elron is calling me.


I hope everyone had a good Halloween. I was able to get my traditional 50% off Halloween Candy which was wonderful lol. On the 'meh' side I also got a tooth pulled last Thursday so that sucked and has been painful but I'm surviving lol. And next week is my birthday too! Whoo. We're getting another one of those bakery cakes like I did with Silent Ground's release. God damn that was good cake.