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Valentine cupid Dekker

Sanguine's nickname for him: Scintillo which means sparkle.

Born: 162 A.F

Not immortal – Second Generation

Occupation:  Sengil

Hair colour: Chin length Blond

Eye colour: Pink

Height: 5'8 1/2


Valen was King Silas's Valentine’s Day present from Perish after Perish had a breakthrough and thought he had created the very first empath chimera. He was created to be Silas's cicaro and it was planned that Valen would be taught how to use his empath abilities while living with Silas. Unfortunately though since no one knew just how empath abilities developed when Valen didn't show these abilities during his childhood he was labelled as a failure and this heavily impacted how Silas treated him. Because of both his failed enhancements and a personality Silas didn't like, Valen was ignored by Silas and the rest of the family followed suit. This treatment caused Valen to grow up with a chip on his shoulder and during his teen years he dealt with his anger and hurt by bullying others. 

Eventually, through a series of traumatic events, Valen realized his empath enhancement did take. After betraying the family Sanguine, his arch-enemy, begged Silas to spare his life. Silas grudgingly agreed and told the two that Valen's empath abilities would remain a secret and Valen would never become immortal. Silas also made Valen Sanguine's sengil, and after that the two became friends. Though as he settled into his life as a sengil Valen went through bouts of intense depression and sadness, and expressed many times how lonely he was and how it made him sad he would never have a boyfriend since he was Sanguine's sengil and unable to have a proper life. Watching Sanguine and Jack's relationship blossom and grow didn't help.

During Valen's time as a sengil he started to develop crippling health problems which included cluster headaches, seizures, nerve pain, hallucinations, and bleeding from the eyes, nose, ears, and mouth. After many tests it was concluded that Valen's brain was unable to handle his empath abilities and that he was dying. Sanguine decided to give Valen what he so dearly wanted, a partner who loved him, and broke up with Jack to be with him with the promise that they would be together after Valen died. Jack understood though he secretly resented Sanguine for that decision.

Sanguine and Valen dated for a little over two years until Valen collapsed in Sanguine's living room. He died in Sanguine's arms at the age of twenty-four. After Valen's death Sanguine spent a year in the greywastes in mourning, before returning to Skyfall to be with Jack. Before he died Valen made Sanguine promise that he would research how to make an empath chimera's mind tolerate the empath enhancements because he feared and knew that Silas would eventually create another one. Sanguine did exactly that and is the sole reason why the empath surgery was created which eventually saved Jade Dekker's life.

Valen loved dressing in bright colours and his favourite colour was pink. He lived a sad and tragic life but the last two years were spent in bliss with the love of his life, Sanguine. Valen's ashes remain in Sanguine's bedroom beside his bear Barry, Sanguine talks to him a lot when he is lonely and misses him everyday.