Quil Carter

Imagination is the only weapon in the war against reality

Thelonius Damian Dekker


Silas's nickname for him: Parva Daemonium which means small demon.
Grant's nickname for him: Little Monster
The family's nickname for him: Niblet

Born: 208 A.F

Mortal– Fourth Generation

Occupation:  The Grim Reaper when Jack is unavailable - Trains special forces in the Legion.

Hair colour: Wavy black shoulder length

Eye colour: Copper, slightly clustered with black.

Height: 6'0


What can be said about Theo... well, for one thing, like many stealth chimeras Theo is, quite frankly, batshit insane. He is a bloodthirsty, perverse, cheerful chimera who loves his best friend and brother Grant and is completely obsessed with Sanguine and Jack. Theo is actually a perfect hybrid of both Sanguine and Jack's DNA though to his intense disappointment and for reasons unknown, he never developed pointed teeth. As such, because Theo is Theo, he files his teeth down to points. His biggest dream is Sidonius altering his DNA so he can grow permanent pointed teeth but, as of right now, the technology just isn't there. 

When Theo isn't having fun interrogating prisoners, training his special legionaries in the art of assassinations and torture tactics, he is with Grant. Grant and Theo have an unhealthy attachment towards each other and Grant is one of the only chimeras that Theo will listen to without hesitation. Theo loves making Grant happy by obeying his twisted commands and enjoys their evenings of raping, murdering, and consuming whatever 'mouse' Grant as brought for his 'little monster'. Their relationship is so tightly wound that Silas will use one against the other when needed be, but for the most part Grant and Theo are obedient towards Silas and this rarely happens. Because of their loyalty Silas has left them alone for years, though they have both been forced to play King Silas's games. The two of them are hoping that the next game they play will result in both of them becoming immortal. Silas has mentioned it in passing, especially with how well Theo has developed, but nothing has been planned as of yet. The prospect though keeps both of them loyal and their allegiance to King Silas is strong.

Though Theo is taken seriously as a chimera and has earned his place, especially within the Legion chimera family, he is seen as a pet within Cardinalhall which is due to his submission and devotion to Grant, plus his obsession and worship of Jack and Sanguine. Seeing him submit to these chimeras has altered the way some of the family sees Theo, though when challenged he will always rise up and defend himself; and if it's an immortal chimera he won't hesitate to fight them to the death. Theo's trademark victory celebration when killing one of these immortals is raping their dead body much to the joy of Grant if he's around. There really is little Theo hasn't done by now; Grant can get quite creative and Theo has never told him no.

Theo lives in Cardinalhall and shares an apartment with Grant. When Jack is unavailable or Theo is just closer to the dead chimera, Theo fills in as Grim Reaper and either delivers the body to Jack in Black Tower or he prepares and cleans the body in his own special room in Cardinalhall which he has decorated as much as he can to look like Jack's library where the chimeras resurrect. One of Theo's greatest moments was when Silas announced he would be apprenticing for Jack and takes his job extremely seriously. He lives for approval of Jack and Sanguine and, even though it makes Grant rather jealous, also lives to sexually satisfy them... at the same time if he's lucky.

Theo has two cats named Sam and Jax and a goldfish named Goldy. He lives in Cardinalhall's west wing mostly but also has an apartment in the fourth generation skyscraper which he also shares with Grant when Grant isn't in the greywastes. Theo is also one of the few chimeras with tattoos that he maintains (others have had them but eventually they would get damaged and not repaired) and is a tattoo artist himself. Theo has a tattoo of the chimera emblem on his left shoulder, and one of Sanguine's red-eyed crows on his left forearm, then on his right shoulder he has the Legion logo, and below it on his right forearm a rather gruesom-looking Grim Reaper with pointed teeth and silver hair. He also has smaller designs on his stomach and legs and lower back. Theo repairs most of his tattoos himself but the ones he cannot reach he gets Jack to tattoo, which yes, he also really gets off on.