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Siris Odin Dekker


Silas's nickname for him: Risio, which means laughter.

Born: 169 A.F - July

Immortal – Third Generation

Occupation: Bodyguard

Hair colour: Short Black

Eye colour: Purple

Height: 6'5


Siris, like his brother, will always be Siris. He is a happy chimera that is always smiling and laughing, even if it is while mutilating people or eating their eyes out of their sockets. For some reason even when times are tough and things are going badly for Siris and his brother, they're most-likely content. Some of the family think that it is because they're borderline retarded, and maybe in a way they are, but it is from a certain neurological disorder that seems to make it difficult for them to take anything serious for long. Even when they're being menacing, threatening, and seem angry, rest-assured, they're actually quite content. Being immortal, of course, doesn't help this and since the twins have been made immortal their happy, take-nothing-serious nature has intensified.

Though there are times when Ares and Siris do get truly angry and when they do... watch out. When a mortal member of the family is being threatened or someone is hurting their pets, sengils, or animals, Ares and Siris will snap and go into what Silas calls 'insane-mode', in this state the twins are impossible to control or ration with so, in all respects, it is a good thing that they're hard to upset. This insane-mode has only been triggered a handful of times and each time the twins were successful in saving their target, this has given them the job as bodyguards to the family and Elish, to Jade's anger, often makes Ares and Siris accompany them when Elish thinks Jade could be in danger (and since Elish is overprotective of his little maritus, this happens often).

Siris and his brother love alcohol, drugs, sex, money, and power over people but they also have a soft spot for things who cannot defend themselves. The twins have, more than once, brought home abused young men (usually after killing their abusive boyfriends) and have made them their cicaros, and also have a penchant for bringing home stray animals too. Though seen as heartless and sociopathical, in truth, Ares and Siris have large hearts and most of their bloodthirst come from the engineering they cannot control. Ares and Siris even volunteer at cat shelters around Skyfall and also, when no one's looking, they entertain the kids at Edgeview and leave caches of food for the street children to find.

Siris lives with his twin brother Ares in a five-storey building they just call the Pit, however they also caretake a large mansion the family owns. Siris also owns an exotic shorthair cat named Pancake, a normal grey tabby named Britches, and a cicaro named Tanner. He also shares two twin cicaros with his brother named Soren and Sitka.

Special note: Siris's name is pronounced Seer-iss.