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Sanguine sasha Dekker


Silas's nickname for him: Crucio which means tortured.

Born: 161 A.F - End of March

Immortal - Second Generation

Occupation: King Silas's sengil and bodygaurd

Hair colour: Chin length Black

Eye colour: Red

Height: 6'3


Sanguine is a stealth chimera and is King Silas's sengil and bodyguard; a job that he has had since 201 A.F. As a newborn Sanguine was given to a greywaster woman named Lydia who died shortly after. Sanguine was then raised in a greywastes orphanage until six when he was almost killed and had to flee. Then at eight he was taken captive by a depraved man named Jasper and kept in his basement where he was tortured and abused until his rescue at nineteen years old.

Sanguine suffers from extreme mental issues and emotional problems due to his upbringing and made worse by his chimera genetics. Currently Sanguine has an implant in his head that stops this psychosis but it can be controlled by King Silas. Sanguine loves King Silas though and is extremely loyal towards him. He understands Silas like none of the other chimeras do and has given up his freedom and his relationship to help take care of him. 

Sanguine is a quiet chimera who hates large crowds and being around people. He's shy by nature and suffers from low self-esteem at times due to his demon-like appearance which includes red eyes and pointed teeth like a shark. Though, as if to show off his rather bipolar nature, at other times Sanguine is self-confident, charismatic, and a fun chimera to be around. It really depends on what environment he is in.

Sanguine is currently single but was in a relationship with Jack Dekker for twenty years (181 A.F to 201 A.F); though for a brief period of time he left Jack to date Valen Dekker after learning that Valen was dying. As such Sanguine is often labelled as a martyr, for his tendencies to sacrifice his happiness for his brothers.

Sanguine currently lives with King Silas with Silas's cicaro Drake who is also a chimera. They own four cats who move around the skyscraper, Alegria, at will. Their names are Griffin, Moakley, Bizzy Bee, and Zen. Sanguine also owns all of the red-eyed crows in Skyfall which he sees as his extended family, and still loves dearly his childhood bear named Barry.

Special note: Sanguine's name is pronounced Sang-win, it rhymes with Penguin.