Quil Carter

Imagination is the only weapon in the war against reality



Born: 161 A.F

Not immortal – Second Generation

Occupation:  Scientist

Hair colour: Short Black

Eye colour: Burgundy

Height: 5'9


Rio is a science chimera and is credited with advancing chimera research and enhancements. Rio is incredibly smart and after a rough time as a teenager he grew into his own and became a gifted scientist. Rio dated Perish Dekker for ten years and it was while those two were together that incredible advancements in chimera creating and cloning were made. The relationship ended when Silas became angry at Perish and altered the implants in his brain, making Perish not only suffer from amnesia but become even more unstable than he already was and, at times, violent. Rio left Perish after realizing that Perish no longer remembered him or loved him. Rio took his own life not long after after deeming his replacement, Lycos, ready to take over his life's work. 

After Perish's mind was altered and destroyed Rio's opinion of King Silas changed drastically. At this time he worked closely with Elish Dekker and Lycos Dekker in trying to create Chimera X, and it is heavily hinted that he played a role in tainting Lycos's opinion of King Silas.

Rio is one of the few mortal chimeras to make it to an older age, he died in 203 A.F.