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reaver chance DEKKER-merrik


Aras's nickname for him: Teuful which is German for 'Devil'
Nero's nickname for him: Duck.
The Dekker family's nickname for him: The Dark Chimera
The Legion's nickname for him: Raven

Born: 211 A.F

Born Immortal – Fifth Generation

Occupation:  Sentry

Hair colour: Straight dark brown, dark brown enough to appear black unless in direct light.

Eye colour: Dark brown, like his hair they appear black unless in direct light.

Height: 6'1


Reaver is one of the only born immortal chimeras in existence. Shortly after he was born he was moved to a small underground shelter outside of Aras where he spent the next two years of his life under the care of Lycos (soon to be Leo). At two years old Reaver and Leo moved from the bunker into Aras with the false story that he was an orphan whose parents had died. 

Even as a child Reaver was hard to handle. He was energetic, intelligent, mischievous, and sadistic and didn't listen to anyone. Leo, who married Greyson several months after he and Reaver came to Aras, tried his hardest to curb Reaver's behaviour but after they found that trying to control Reaver through their extremely different parenting techniques was destroying their relationship, they ended up letting Reaver do whatever he wanted with the knowledge that at least he couldn't kill himself. Funny enough, Reaver died many times as a child and was even killed by Greyson a couple times when he lost control of his temper. One of these times was when Reaver murdered a woman who was carrying a baby Greyson and Leo had hoped to adopt in order to give Reaver a sibling. 

Reaver was disliked by most of Aras due to his behaviour and that only fuelled Reaver's antisocial personality. Once little Reaver realized that he was hated he did his best to give them all reasons to hate him and the cycle continued. The kids also didn't like playing with Reaver due to him playing too rough and tending to try and get the other kids into situations that would kill them, but he did end up befriending one boy by the name of Reno Nevada. Once they were friends Reaver and Reno were inseparable and both blossomed from their paring. Reaver got into less trouble with Reno nearby, and Reno, who has four brothers and two sisters, enjoyed having a friend all to himself without having to share, and also the extra attention it got him.

As a teenager, Reaver's behaviour just got worse. To release his pent up aggression Reaver started murdering legionary and rogue greywasters and also derived enjoyment from killing animals. Reno, more than used to Reaver's bloodthirsty, murderous nature, went along with all of this and enjoyed the fringe benefits of being Reaver's only friend, including becoming quite wealthy from rich scavenging and robbing the men and women he killed, always having drugs around, and fresh arian meat on the table. But this elavation in savagery didn't go unnoticed, Leo and Greyson became increasingly worried about Reaver and who he was becoming, and for good reason too. As Jade Dekker commented at one point in time, they worried that they were raising someone worse than King Silas, not better. They voiced these concerns to Elish Dekker who warned them that if things didn't change with Reaver, he'd step in.

Reaver was never one to contemplate why he was the way he was, he just went with it and did whatever he felt like doing. As the years went on he only became worse when it came to murdering, robbing, and being antisocial, and soon drug abuse got added to this as well. Oddly though, unlike his chimera brothers, Reaver never developed the chimera sex drive. Though he jerked off regularly like any teenager, he hated physical touch and had no interest in the physical act of sex. Reno, on the other hand, did. After some drinking and pleading Reaver kissed Reno for the first time at thirteen, and after that would make out occasionally when the mood took him. The next step, once again, fuelled by alcohol, was jerking off in front of each other with took place when Reaver was fourteen and Reno sixteen. Reno still thinks about this night often since he almost had a stroke from happiness when it occurred. Reaver put the brakes on their sexual experimentation however and Reno ended up looking elsewhere for sex and ended up befriending a man named Bridley. Events happened, Reno ended up getting tortured and raped, and afterwards to make Reno feel better and to alleviate Reaver's guilt (one of the first times for Reaver to experience guilt) he let Reno perform oral on him and reciprocated, this went on until Reaver started realizing Reno was falling in love with him and after that all sexual things between the two of them ended. But because Reaver did love Reno and he knew his friend had needs, he took him on a legionary hunt one night and our favourite greywaster Reno lost his virginity on top of a screaming blond-haired legionary teen, which Reaver killed afterwards. This then became a semi-regular thing and Reno no longer begged Reaver for sex, though that didn't stop the innuendos. Leo and Greyson, of course, were horrified at this, but Reaver's response was a middle finger and a turned back. 

Reaver isn't all bad though. Deep down inside, underneath all the darkness, Reaver is fiercely loyal to those he considers friends and protective of Aras as a whole, just not so much individual people. He also cares about domestic animals and has never hurt or abused pets, he even loved Leo and Greyson's Siamese cat Dog and the several other cats they had while he was living in their home. Reaver also does love Leo and Greyson, but has always struggled with being able to show it outwardly. He doesn't know why he acts the way he does but has accepted it about himself, and when he feels like others are judging him or that they don't like him, he'll give them a reason to hate him just to make himself feel better.

Reaver loves video games, his favourite video game is Mario Kart, but he also loves Spyro and Sonic the Hedgehog. He also enjoys reading comics, scavenging, sentrying, and collecting unique pre-Fallocaust things from the places he scavenged. He also collects the skulls from important kills and has a row of them behind his television that stretch all the way to the beginning of his kitchen. Reaver, like any introvert, loves silence and spending the night inside with his drugs and television, or sentrying on the wall so he can watch the greywastes in front of him.

Reaver also suffers from insomnia and rarely sleeps more than four hours. He has trouble falling asleep and usually needs the aid of drugs. He also is slightly paranoid and needs to be in his own environment to feel completely safe. From seeing first-hand how bad the greywastes can be, his general mistrust of people, and knowing everyone in Aras is afraid of him (which could lead to a mob of people wanting to kill him), in order for him to fully relax and not constantly be on-guard he reinforced the basement of his home with concrete and even filled in where the windows would be. He made it only accessible through a tunnel which you enter through an old shed which is protected by two army tank hatches. Reaver also helped Reno fortify his house, a project that took years which was an excellent distraction according to Leo and Greyson. Not many people in Aras actually know where Reaver lives and he likes it that way.

Reaver can always be found wearing his black cargo pants which have everything and anything in the pockets, from lube to grenades, drugs to multi-tools, and usually wears a button-down or a t-shirt, and black army boots. He also always has his pride and joy, his M16, on his back in its holder, and a combat knife and a pistol on his belt. Reaver never goes anywhere without his weapons but can defend himself through physical combat as well. Reaver also has all of the chimera enhancements and to show that, though we love him, he can be a bit slow at times, he never questioned why he had them just assumed it was inherited from his parents. He also can produce sestic radiation and has the potential for thermal abilities, but as of now he doesn't know how to use them.

Reaver, until recent events, lived in Aras with the love of his life, Killian Massey, and their adopted stray cat Biff.