Quil Carter

Imagination is the only weapon in the war against reality



Silas's nickname for him: Bellua which means beast or brute.

Born: 141 A.F - February

Immortal – First Generation

Occupation:  Silas's bodygaurd - Former Imperial General of the Legion - Chief Stadium Gladiator - Forth-In-Command

Hair colour: Short Black

Eye colour: Purple/Blue

Height: 6'6


Nero is the prototype for all the brute chimeras. He is the lead fighter during Stadium Night in Skyfall and has sent many prisoners to their grusome deaths.

But though he is intimidating-looking and slightly psychotic, towards the family that he dearly loves Nero is sweet, charismatic, happy-go-lucky, and protective. Though towards people who aren't his family he is rather bloodthirsty and ruthless. He loves kidnapping young Skyfallers and greywasters to rape and play with for the evening, especially when can tagteam them with one of his brothers. Like most of the chimeras he sees everyone who isn't his family as toys to play with, and play he does.

Nero used to command the Legion in the greywastes but has since retired, passing the torch onto Kessler Dekker. He is now a part time bodygaurd for King Silas when he's in the greywastes but for the most part he spends his days working with the Legion in the greywastes, killing people in Stadium, or bothering his brothers.

Nero is married to Cepherus Dekker but tragically in 201 A.F Cepherus was encased in concrete and it is there he remains. This event had a devestating impact on Nero. As the years went on Nero has become darker, sadistic, and more violent, and his happy nature has diminished. His penchant for torturing and raping men has increased which Silas lets him do unabated.

Nero lives between Skyfall and Cardinalhall with his cicaro, a 16-year-old chimera named Kincade "Kiki" Dekker and a sengil named Elliot. He owns two cats named Dickhead and Petey.