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Grant philippe Dekker


Silas's nickname for him: Hush Puppy.

Born: 191 A.F

Not Immortal – Fourth Generation

Occupation:  General in Kessler's Legion - President of the Greywastes Factories.

Hair colour: Short brown usually in spikes.

Eye colour: Orange with red flecks

Height: 5'9


Grant is the second born of the fourth generation and he runs the factories in the greywastes. Because of this he is often out of Skyfall and spends most of his time in Cardinalhall or in the Cardinal Mansion's west wing. Grant also is a General in Kessler's army and uses the legionaries he has control over to help supply him with rats and ravers to meet his food quotas.

Grant is a good-natured chimera and is both science type and intelligence type. It should be noted that almost all of the chimeras in the fourth generation are either science, intelligence, or both. This is due to Silas wanting to advance not only chimera research but also creating new species to release into the greywastes and advance technology. This worked well for King Silas and the Dekker family, Skytech thrived once the fourth generation became old enough to start working there and continues to thrive.

The fourth generation also is a generation that doesn't have as many mental hang-ups as previous and future generations do. They're considered rather normal though their chimera tendencies do rear their heads when they or their loved ones are threatened. They also have their secrets and personal transgressions but tend to take their masks off during the cover of darkness or they use the anonymity of the greywastes. Since the greywastes are so vast and uncontrolled Grant and other 'Legion chimeras' can do whatever they will without the scorn of the family. And they have done some pretty sick things.

Grant's weird side is mostly centered around his pride and joy: his younger brother Thelonius 'Theo' Dekker. Though those two are not partners or even master/cicaro they are extremely and unhealthily close. Grant dotes on Theo and loves him passionately, like a cat training her kitten Grant brings his 'little monster' greywasters to rape, kill, and eat and enjoys nothing more than seeing how far Theo will take his bloodthirsty nature. It is said amongst the family that Grant lives through Theo and any inner sadism Grant has is satisfied through seeing just what horrific things he can get Theo to do. So in a way they are in a master/pet relationship but Theo enjoys complete freedom from Grant and does not submit to him - he is easily influenced though, which can be seen from Theo's obsession with Sanguine and Jack.

Grant has a cicaro named Kal who he loves immensely. He also has two Legion dogs (a cross between a German Shepherd and Rottweiler) named Pitt and Xena who guard him while he goes from factory to factory, and owns an Ocelot named Nixie who goes with him everywhere on a leash. Grant also has two bodyguards Ivan and Edrik who would give their lives to protect the mortal chimera