Quil Carter

Imagination is the only weapon in the war against reality



Silas's nickname for him: Savis which means kind or sweet.

Born: 141 A.F - February

Immortal – First Generation

Occupation: President of Skytech - Councilman - Third-In-Command

Hair colour: Short Black

Eye colour: Light green

Height: 5'9


Garrett Dekker is one of the top councilmen in Skyfall and is president of the scientific research company Skytech. He loves to dress as if he were in the 50's with a suit and tie, slicked back hair, and a cigarette or a cigar in his mouth. Garrett also loves collecting vintage hats and has a huge sweet tooth. It is a rare time when Garrett isn't smiling about something and his favourite thing to do is spend time with his family. Garrett uses chess games as an excuse to see his family members and makes a point to see everyone at least once a week.

Garrett is kind-hearted, gentle, and compassionate. He lacks a lot of the violent tendancies that chimeras have though when pushed he will show his chimera side. Garrett is also seen as a workaholic and when troubled he will drown himself in work to the point where Silas will force him to take a vacation. Garrett also loves anything to do with science and loves making chimeras and discovering new abilities he can splice into chimera DNA. Garrett once taught at the College of Skytech but now runs the entire company with the help of his other science and intelligence chimeras. He still occasionally teaches when he has the time.

Garrett is full of love, but has always had bad luck keeping his partners alive. He's had nine lovers that have died, most from King Silas's games, and because of that the happy chimera struggles with bouts of crippling depression, alcoholism, and drug abuse. Though even at his saddest he smiles, if only because he wants to put up a strong front. 

Even though he's had his heart broken many times, Garrett has a tendancy to fall in love rather easily and, most often, with his sengils. Because of this Garrett doesn't keep a sengil or a pet around for fear that he'll fall for them and Silas will kill them. Though recent events have seen his luck change and he is now engaged to his former cicaro, Reno.

Garrett lives in his skyscraper, Skytowers, with Reno Nevada and a mute sengil Chally. He also has a bodygaurd named Saul.