Quil Carter

Imagination is the only weapon in the war against reality

Ares Odin Dekker


Silas's nickname for him: Risu, which means smile.

Born: 169 A.F - July

Immortal – Third Generation

Occupation: Bodyguard

Hair colour: Short Black

Eye colour: Purple

Height: 6'5


Ares is Ares and will always be Ares. If you life changes around you and nothing seems to have stayed the same... Ares and Siris will always be Ares and Siris. 

Ares and his identical twin brother Siris were raised in Moros and, unlike the other surrogate babies, were not given to a mother or any parent. The twins were dropped off at Edgeview (for their own safety after a few failed attempts at 'hands-off surrogacy') and it was there they spent the first eight years of their life. After not finding Edgeview as fun and hating the rules and the fact that the house mothers frowned on beating the other children to death, Ares and Siris left Edgeview and became street children. However since every thien force inside of Moros knew who Ares and Siris were, they were left to basically do whatever they wanted with interference only when their lives were in danger.

Ares is strong-willed and quite a happy person, but his happiness is usually derived by one of two things: being around his family and making people he doesn't like, or is indifferent to, suffer. He's most jovial when he's in the process of tricking and luring young boys into his and Siris's trap to be raped, cannibalised, and murdered (the order of these events varies). Silas sees their terrorizing as cute and, though he doesn't draw attention to the fact, enjoys watching or even sometimes joining in.

Ares is incredibly loyal to his family, and like his brother, seems to love every chimera around him to excess, but because of his nature he also loves killing his brothers and raping their corpses while they're dead. No one really understands why Ares and Siris's brain mixes up love, hate, pain, and happiness signals but it seems to be a processing problem that most brute chimeras are born with. A good example of this odd neurological problem happening is Ares and Siris's love/rape relationship with their brother Jade Dekker.

Ares also loves his cicaros and dotes on them, also to excess, but, once again, also enjoys beating on them and raping them bloody. His favourite cicaro is Trig to whom he calls "Tiggy-Wiggy" but has several others that enjoy Ares's company when they're in between hospital stays.

Ares lives with his twin brother Siris in a five-storey building they just call the Pit, though they also caretake a large mansion the family owns. Ares has a cicaro named Trig, and shares two twin cicaros with his brother named Sitka, and Soren. He also has two exotic shorthair cats named Garfield and Gimpy, and a normal white cat named Ghosty.