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Apollo Eaden Sasha Dekker


Silas's nickname for him: Gemino which means twin brother.

Born: 156 A.F - Beginning of April

Immortal – Second Generation

Occupation:  President of Dek’ko - Councilman

Hair colour: Long wavy silver

Eye colour: Purple - slight blue tint.

Height: 6'3


Apollo is the twin brother of Artemis and the first identical twin chimeras. He and his brother share a great deal of DNA with Elish Dekker and King Silas which is seen plainly since the twins look like a perfect combination of Elish and Silas's features.

Apollo is what is called an intelligence chimera and is incredibly smart. He is a ruthless businessman who presents himself as put together, no-nonsense, and rather tame and boring, with a husband who is 89 years old which he loves and visits often in Skyfall's retirement home.

Though that is quite the false front. Because behind closed doors Apollo is a sex-addicted, drug user who, with his brother Artemis, have a harem of five cicaros and two sengils who cater to their every need and insatiable appetites. Apollo gets a rush over being normal and boring by day and a complete devil at night.

Apollo loves music and knows how to play five musical instruments. He can paint and enjoys making sculptures which can be seen all around Skyland. He also has a passion for teaching and before he became president of Dek'ko he taught buisness at the College of Skytech. Apollo now runs Dek'ko which is a full time job and is constantly being bombarded by his family to bring back every tasty-looking food they see on TV. Apollo enjoys ignoring each and every request.

Though Apollo is married to Jiro, and has been since 186 A.F, since Jiro suffers from Alzheimer's he no longer lives in Apollo and Artemis's apartment or skyscraper. Over the years as Jiro's health has declined Apollo has given in to even more of his cardinal desires even though, deep down, he knows it is just a coping mechanism since, unless he's having a good day, Jiro no longer remembers who Apollo is.

Apollo lives with Artemis in their shared skyscraper in a converted three-level apartment. Apollo has two sengils named Lance and Todd, and five cicaros which he shares with Artemis. He also has six cats including a serval named Remi and a noisy American Eskimo dog named Lacey.