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Teaguae sawyer Dekker


Silas's nickname for him: Amabilis which means charming
The family's nickname for him: Sunshine

Born: 198 A.F

Not Immortal – Fourth Generation

Occupation:  Councilman - Head of Media and the Skyfall News Network - Tech Consultant

Hair colour: Wavy golden blond

Eye colour: Green with yellow flecks

Height: 5'9


Teaguae is an intelligence chimera and another workaholic. He loves technology and is responsible for many of the technological advances that have been seen in Skyfall in the past twenty years. He has done such things as putting more satellites in the air which means more channels on the television (much to the family and all of Skyfall's joy), he's updated the Skyfall dam which has all but eliminated the number of brownouts and power outages in Skyfall, has also helped implement new technology to make the factories run smoother and safer, updated the interface for the Skyfall Royal Bank, and many other things. Teaguae has also recently launched a new computer-making company and is set to launch his first line of laptops in 233 A.F which will also feature a new operating system Skydek 1.0 this will be the first advancement in laptop and software technology since the start of the Fallocaust.

Teaguae is also heavily involved with the media of Skyfall most notably the Skyfall News Network. After reaching the end of his patience with the free media of Skyfall, Silas started putting chimeras in the upper-levels of SNN so he could have control over what is reported and what isn't. Teaguae also has contacts in the UFM the Underground Free Media though the UFM is a shell of its former self and is now seen more as a tabloid magazine than a serious news source, much to the anger of the Crimstones.

Though Teaguae is a busy man and has done and is doing a lot, he hasn't done all of this alone. He has two sengils who are just about as obsessed with technology as he is: Sage and Kori. The two sengils act more like Teaguae's partners than they do his servants to the point where they're called sengils just to make things easier and keep them out of King Silas's sights. The three of them also have a cicaro named Rocky though he is treated as a cicaro and doesn't have any special privileges.

Teaguae is a kind chimera and a cheerful one as well. Most of this DNA was taken from Lycos Dekker and Garrett Dekker and as such he doesn't have a darker nature like most of the chimeras have. It has definitely been observed throughout the family that most intelligence and science chimeras seem to have dodged the 'chimera bloodthirst' but in exchange for that most of them have developed other issues such as being pre-disposed to OCD, depression, drug abuse, and other disorders. Teaguae though has none of these and is quite normal. 

Though Teaguae is mortal he is being considered for immortality by Silas because of his intelligence regarding technology and him being an easy chimera to get along with and a joy to have around. 

Teaguae lives in the fourth generation skyscraper with his two sengil/partners Sage and Kori and his cicaro Rocky. They have no pets due to Teaguae's work schedule but they do enjoy visits from the skyscraper cats and have several holes in their ceilings and floors in case some of them want to visit.

Special note: The end part of Teaguae is pronounced like how you would pronounce the end of Uruguay, like Tee-gway.