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Silas's nickname for him: Little Mengele.

Born: 198 A.F

Immortal – Fourth Generation

Occupation:  Chief Chimera Doctor - Professor

Hair colour: Chin length black, occasionally dyed or with coloured streaks.

Eye colour: Burgundy

Height: 5'9


Sidonius 'Sid' Dekker is a science chimera who specializes in medicine and is also a talented surgeon. Sid was originally created to be a scientist, like most of the fourth generation, but when he kept killing and dissecting small animals to see if he could identify all of their parts, and later on tried sewing mice together, Silas decided that Sid's talents lied in medicine. 

And yes, Sid is quite the brilliant, yet extremely twisted, doctor, hence Silas's nickname for him which few understand the reference. Sid loves to experiment and because his projects usually wield rather fascinating, or medically important, discoveries Silas lets him experiment on any convict he wants, and has also given him immortal chimeras being punished to experiment on as well. Experimenting on immortal chimeras is one of Sid's favourite things since their immortality ensures they'll wake up no matter how much he massacres their bodies, and he does get a sick thrill from seeing some of the older chimeras in agony. Whereas a lot of chimeras fall into the masochistic category, Sid is a sadist. He enjoys watching things in pain and torturing them, and though this is a typical trait for chimeras Sid takes it one step farther. He enjoys torturing things for weeks on end while he treats their wounds and tries to extend their lives. He has tortured so many people he can tell where they are mentally and physically just from how they scream. There is a certain scream that sounds when someone has reached a new threshold for pain that Sid is always building up towards, when it happens it is as good as an orgasm (and one usually follows for Sid).

Yes, Sid is quite the odd duck.

Odd but intelligent and quite the character. Sid loves his family passionately but, true to his nature, he also loves seeing them in agony. He sees pain as an emotional, mental, and sometimes sexual experience that binds him to his family. Pain makes Sid feel close to you and he sees his torture sessions as an intense bonding experience - even if the other party doesn't see it like that. Sid himself doesn't like being tortured though, but Silas has done it to him more than a few times just for his own joy, Sid is a true sadist and would rather give than receive.

Sid lives in Skyfall in the fourth generation Skyscraper but he also spends time in Cardinalhall. He is the chimera who performs the immortal surgeries now, and since he's the family doctor he also takes care of all mortal chimeras and if specifically requested the cicaros and sengils as well. He's also teaches medicine at the College of Skytech though his class is extremely hard to get into. Sid is confident with his place in the family and rarely gets in trouble with King Silas. Sid though has commitment issues and has trouble keeping a relationship, though he is free to date whom he wishes but, as with all chimeras, has to present him to Silas if that relationship becomes serious. For the most part Sid just enjoys the company of his assistant and sengil, whom is devoted to Sid and is in love with him.

When he isn't behind closed doors Sid is a happy and kind chimera with a charismatic personality, though there is always that underlining eeriness to him. He enjoys fashion and has been known to perform surgeries in a blazer, blouse, and creased trousers, and always wants to know what the younger chimeras are wearing since, even though he was made immortal at twenty-six, he still feels old and wants reminders that he's still hip and cool. To help himself feel younger Sid has three earrings in each earlobe and two in the upper cartilage; he also has a lip ring (silver hoop) on the left-hand side of his mouth, a small goatee, and has many tattoos on his body which he immediately repairs if they get damaged during resurrection. 

Sid lives between Skyfall and Cardinalhall with his assistant and sengil Tade who is a skilled doctor just like Sid even though he's only twenty. Sid doesn't own any pets since Silas doesn't trust him with them due to his sadistic nature.