Quil Carter

Imagination is the only weapon in the war against reality

Breaking Jade edits done, physical book coming soon.

I was able to afford to send Breaking Jade off to an editor and tonight I finished my read-through! The things that my editor missed I was hopefully able to pick up so Breaking Jade is looking a whole lot better! I have also contacted Amazon about putting an update out for people who have previously purchased Breaking Jade, but you can also manually re-download the copy if you want the newer, prettier version of the book.

I will also be working on Breaking Jade's physical book now and with luck I will have that up in the next month. Plus I will be updating this website as well. In the end I would like to have  'meet the chimeras' page with all the chimeras in Fallocaust (the ones who have been mentioned anyways), plus a few other ideas to make this website a bit more fun.