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Lycos Anton Dekker Merrik


Silas's nickname for him: Little Lion and Cubby.

Born: 193 A.F - August

Not immortal - Fourth Generation

Occupation:  Scientist

Hair colour: Short Blond

Eye colour: Hazel

Height: 5'9


Lycos was born for one reason: to create Chimera X and he certainly succeeded. Lycos was specifically born to be the most advanced and intelligent science chimera to date and he is. There was no other role for Lycos than to make chimeras and work in Skytech and since he was old enough to remember this was told to him.

Lycos was raised with by two scientists, husbands Joseph Grier and Daniel Grier. Lycos was raised in a loving home as an only child and when he was fifteen years old he moved right from his home in Blackbay, a town on the coast with a large laboratory run by his fathers, to Kreig to start apprenticing for Perish, Elish, Garrett, Rio and other non-chimera scientists to start his lifelong goal in creating Chimera X. Because of his being surrogated by the scientists Lycos didn't spend that much time with the Dekker family, only the other chimeras working on Chimera X. He got a rude awakening once he started working in Kreig though and soon discovered just what kind of family he belonged to. Disenchanted and sad to realize he was a part of such a fucked up group of people, King Silas especially, he started distancing himself and drowning himself in his research. 

The poisoning of Lycos's mind was, most likely, done on purpose by Elish. And during one of the extended periods of time that he was working in Kreig Lycos met the future love of his life: Greyson Merrik. Though at first Elish was angry at this, considering he was in the middle of manipulating Lycos to do his bidding (which included taking Lycos's virginity before Silas got a chance to, and twisting his mind into thinking they had a future together) Elish soon realized he had actually stumbled upon a great opportunity. Greyson Merrik hated King Silas and the family with a passion and tainting Lycos against Silas and the others in order to get him to do what he wanted suddenly got a lot easier.

After the events leading to Lycos getting Reaver, Lycos became Leo Merrik and he then lived in Aras with his husband and son. Leo left his old life behind and never looked back, though he did do scientific research in a secret bunker and taught the kids of Aras basic schooling to keep himself happy and feeling fulfilled.

Leo was a friendly and personable chimera who loved his husband and son. He was a good father and everything that he did, good or bad, all of it was what he thought was best for his family at the time. Until the very end Leo believed that Reaver could be a good person, and never lost faith in him. And until the very end he loved his husband Greyson.

In 231 A.F Lycos was killed and so was his husband Greyson. They left behind their son Reaver.