Quil Carter

Imagination is the only weapon in the war against reality



Born: 162 A.F

Not immortal – Second Generation

Occupation:  Scientist

Hair colour: Short Black

Eye colour: Silver with flecks of blue

Height: 5'8 1/2


Ludo Dekker is a heavy drug user but his family let him get away with it because he was a better scientist when he was under the influence of drugs. Ludo was one of the black sheep of the family and hung out mainly with his inner circle of friends: Valen, Felix, and Rio, plus several Skyfallers he met through college. 

Ludo is incredibly skinny and has trouble keeping weight on no matter how much he eats. He's extremely sickly and because of his unhealthy lifestyle he is often sick or getting over being sick. He is a hard worker though and loves nothing more than to perform science experiments and impress his mentor Perish who he admired.

Ludo died in 181 A.F.