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Joaquin juno Dekker


Silas's nickname for him: Sprite because of Joaquin's elf-like appearance.

Born: 189 A.F

Immortal – Fourth Generation

Occupation: Councilman - Exotic Cat Breeder

Hair colour: Crinkly black, an inch above shoulder length

Eye colour: Turquoise

Height: 6'2


Joaquin Dekker is the first chimera born in the fourth generation and is an intelligence chimera. He is tall and lanky with barely an ounce of fat on him and is the only chimera with turquoise-coloured eyes. Joaquin was raised within the family but a lot of his influence was from being around Elish who he saw as his mentor and also from Apollo and Artemis who he has a close friendship with. Joaquin is on the council and takes running Skyfall extremely seriously; he also raises exotic cats and sells them.

If there is one thing to say about Joaquin it's that he hates change and he hates anything that steers away from what he sees as normal. Joaquin loves predictability, monotony, and must know what the entire day has planned for him before he leaves his apartment. Joaquin's feathers get ruffled when his brothers act out of character and it is personally traumatizing for him whenever a new cicaro or sengil comes into the family even if their introduction has nothing to do with him. That is because, true to his nature, he fears it will change his brothers or, worse yet, the family dynamic and he has a hard time with that. 

Why is this? It's because Joaquin has OCD, though not debilitating Joaquin has several rituals he must complete during the day and demands specific things while he eats (such as his food not touching, his silverware only being a certain kind, and for his food to be piping hot and, most importantly, for no one to talk to him, make eye contact with him, or do anything but sit in silence while he eats). Joaquin also has requirements for sex which includes skin-scraping showers beforehand (spontaneous sex drives him absolutely insane since he hates spontaneity  with a passion), equal orgasms between partners and only orgasms in even numbers, and not a single drop of cum being wasted. These requirements amuse most of his brothers and those who don't find it amusing enjoy not following any of Joaquin's weird idiosyncrasies just to see the torment on his face.

Joaquin is known to self-medicate his OCD and is constantly on one type of drug or the other. Joaquin enjoys cocaine while he is out in public but while he is at home he'll take pain killers to help even him out. Unfortunately Joaquin knows how crazy and unnecessary his OCD compulsions are and it upsets him and makes him sad whenever one of his brothers shows annoyance at his ticks. This usually leads him into a spiral of depression and self-hate which ends up just making his compulsions worse. Though he puts up a snobbish and pretentious front, it is just that: a front. Joaquin is quite sensitive and struggles with his self-worth.

Though Joaquin has been doing a lot better now, recently he has acquired himself a new sengil/cicaro named Jem. Jem is a sweet boy from the factory towns and the two of them have become glued at the hip. Though they had their own challenges getting used to each other, they have embraced one another's weirdness and though none of his brothers know, he refers to Jem as being his partner. 

Joaquin lives in what is known as the fourth generation's skyscraper. He lives with his pet/partner/sengil Jemini and his collection of exotic cats which roam the skyscrapers through tubes and stairs in the walls so they have full access to the entire skyscraper. He also has ten servants who help tend to his cats though they're not seen as cicaros or sengils, just helpers.

Special note: Joaquin's name is pronounced phonetically 'Joe-a-quin'.