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Ellis arwen Dekker


Silas's nickname for her: Filia, which means daughter.

Born: 141 A.F - February

Immortal – First Generation

Occupation: Commisioner of the Thiens

Hair colour: Medium length Black

Eye colour: Purple/Blue

Height: 5'7


Ellis is the only female chimera in existence and is seen as King Silas's daughter. Ellis is serious in nature and holds herself to a high standard since she is the only female chimera. Ellis was an unexpected twin from Nero Dekker. Silas let her develop thinking that they were going to be identical male twins. Upon seeing that a certain part was lacking on the baby Silas decided to let the female chimera live out of curiosity. When Ellis was born Silas decided to raise her as his daughter and, as such, Ellis calls Silas 'Father'.

Ellis is self-assured and confident on the outside, but deep down she never feels like she's good enough due to being born female in a male dominated family. Though Silas treats her better than any of her brothers and spares her of a lot of the hardships her brothers' have to deal with, it also comes at the cost of being left out of  a lot of things as well. For obvious reasons Ellis is rarely invited to any family gatherings and she has to fight for her father's attention. Since she, deep down, craves the praise of Silas she is extremely loyal to him and though physically she is older than him, she still calls Silas father and sees him as such.

Ellis was married to Stellen Rook who died in 175 A.F. She had two children with Stellen: Knight who was made immortal and Elisha (now deseased). In 200 A.F, twenty-five years after Stellen died, she married Jake Torren and had two more children: Garren and Eve. She also has a daughter Tawney whose father is deceased.

Ellis lives in her own skyscraper with her husband Jake and her four children who live on other floors. She has a Boston Terrier dog named Delilah and three cats named Coco, Marybelle, and Harry.